A Party of Pet Progression Perks

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A Party of Pet Progression Perks

Post by Paladance » December 7th, 2015, 2:12 pm

When your original character does the content, he or she improves themselves with new abilities or gear stats and procs.
But talking about the pets, you've done all quest chains from two expansions and all what you got are some pesky lvl 25 rares!

At this moment you probably have wondered why there are no new levels or rarities.
Maybe you've even got a ready response about the old content relevance, an effort needed to arrange around 1800-2700 abilites at once or another kind of effort to upgrade your current roster.
Still you long for something that would motivate you to participate new adventures connected to your pets.

Now imagine that a middle way to that has been found.

If you prove yourself in the incoming challenge, all your current and future pets will get an additional passive that improve them a bit.
Each pet will gain their own perk -- either being a result of their adaptation or enhancing their unique traits.


So, it's a kind of game where we invent individual perks for at least one pet.
They should be subtle but not useless, though the most important purpose of them is to make the species distinct from each other, even if applying separate perks to literally each kind of pet would be difficult too. :P
The humorous traits are also welcome! :mrgreen:
(I have one, but will wait with that.)

Some examples:

Nether Faerie Dragon: Restore 5% of their current health if they received Magic damage this round.
Sunfire Kaliri: Upon dying, they have a 35% chance of transforming the weather into a sunny day for 9 rounds.
Murkidan: Debuffs related to blinding effects are less effective on Murkidan. (Darkness = 5%, other effects = 25% or 50%)

Whether these perks do work in random PvP or not, it's an open question. :)


And by the way, the hundredth post. :mrgreen:

I have compiled community knowledge & data about pet battle abilities!

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