the second rule of pet collecting

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the second rule of pet collecting

Post by Jazeel » August 23rd, 2015, 2:57 am

Using this website is NO 1, the second rule is get to know other collectors, seriously without the help of others my collection would be way poorer, let your guildies know you collect, be out there and loud :mrgreen: , over the years i have so many pets gifted me by non collectors who knew i was into this silly part of game :D . A couple of weeks ago i talked ingame to one of the best collectors on my realm, they had never met another collector before..gawd. I have traded/gifted/been gifted so many pets over the years its truly staggering, other collectors are the bomb, meet them, help them and they will help you :D , and if you need any further encouragement i was given a seaborne spore yesterday by a collector from another realm :mrgreen:

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