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yay! Sky-Bo

Posted: June 26th, 2015, 7:55 am
by Africanleopard
So I am over the moon :). I got the P/P Sky-Bo last night quite by accident. With the mail return fiasco I had to log on to various toons to check that I was not losing stuff. As I logged into my level 10 banker in SW there was a battle going on between two Blingtron 5000s. I thought - what the heck - and got the package from the winning Blingtron 5000, opened it and saw something blue - and it was the Sky-Bo!

Sorry - had to share :D ... You have no idea how many Blingtrons I have checked - lol. I had to buy Lil' Bling off the AH for eg, and it still hasn't ever dropped for me.