Graves source revealed. Is this bad?

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Re: Graves source revealed. Is this bad?

Post by Digem » June 7th, 2015, 4:27 am

just got to 20 and got my graves.
it is a really cool pet.
I am gonna hug him, and love him and name him George.

actually hots kinda grew on me I might keep playing.
just took till I found a character I liked.
Kerrigan was the one for me I am quite deadly with her.

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Re: Graves source revealed. Is this bad?

Post by Necromortis » July 9th, 2015, 12:37 pm

Just some more advice for the people still working on this:

1)Try different heroes. Sometimes, ones you think you'll hate turn out to really suit your play style(I hate being a healer, so I didn't figure I'd like any of the supports at all...then I found out Tyrande is labelled as support, but can actually be made a really strong damage dealer), while some you think you'll love just really don't do it for you. The more you like a character, the less a grind it will feel.

2)If you are curious about a hero and they are not in the free to play rotation, the shop lets you try out a hero. The try out is a single lane, with you accompanied by Malfurion against Arthas. While this test mode doesn't really give you a huge feel for the characters, it can give you at least some idea if you might like one or not and what their toolkit is like. If you find one you like, earn gold and buy them(or just pay cash, if you have the income for it), you get gold for leveling up(which you're doing anyway), getting heroes themselves to lvl 5(500g) and 9(750g), doing dailies(you can have 3 active at once), and winning matches(much more gold vs players than vs AI). Early on, gold comes in fast enough that you can even afford a 10k gold hero pretty early on, so find a hero you like, buy them if they're not free, and then it comes back to point 1, grinding is less grindy the more you like your hero.

3)XP boosts stack, so once you get your 7 day stimpack at lvl 10, party up with a friend and take advantage of the 150% extra XP. If Blizz does a special bonus XP event as they sometimes do, that stacks too. If you're really wanting to grind the pet as fast as possible and are willing to spend a small amount of real world cash, get the starter bundle! It costs $5, but unlocks you 3 heroes(Malfurion, Raynor, and Muradin), an armored horse mount that AFAIK you can get no other way, AND a 7 day stimpack. You can get that at the start, have a larger pool of heroes to choose from, AND have a stimpack from the start increasing the speed you level. Technically, you could just buy the Stimpack for $4, but if you're willing to spend $4, you may as well just drop an extra buck and get the 3 heroes and the mount as well.

4)Playing vs other players(quick match) will reward more gold, and usually more XP as well. That said, it earns more XP cause the games tend to drag out longer than playing vs AI, you may get shorter games where an organized play group stomps you...this is not worth so much XP. There's also an XP bonus for winning matches, which, without organized players, is a lot safer bet vs AI. So ultimately, I don't think there's a huge difference in grind time between quick match and vs AI match, though if you DO like the game and may want to unlock more heroes, skins, mounts, etc in the future, quick match will provide more gold(even if you lose every game).

5)If you absolutely despise the game, you CAN semi-AFK it vs AI opponents. I think it will kick you if you remain inactive for too long so you can't start a game then go watch a movie, but you can at least tab out, then occasionally tab back in, go hit something, and tab back out. This method isn't efficient, but you DO still get XP for losses, and the AI doesn't care rather you're contributing to the team or not, so you can do this to get at least a little grinding done while you're browsing forums, doing Facebook, or watching Youtube vids.

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