So very close to 600.....MADE IT WITH A LITTLE HELP!!

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Re: So very close to 600.....

Post by Buruan » February 13th, 2015, 11:55 am

Are you looking to buy these or simply grab them to learn them, get the achieve and hand them back?

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Re: So very close to 600.....

Post by Abbotta » February 13th, 2015, 1:29 pm

Ping me tonight for Enchanted Broom - someone dumped two in the Area 52 AH for 1000g each and I grabbed both of them. I needed one to replace my level 25 I'm trading for a Rotten Little Helper (still working on that deal), we can work out the other one with something.

My AH tends to sell pets for cheaper costs than others because we have such a high population, one of the highest in all of WoW. It's great for finding cheap pets (I've seen Lil Leftovers for 21k) but horrible for finding super-rare wild pets (had to build an Oceanic DK for my Minfernal). My WCP score would put me in the top 25-30 on most realms but Area 52 I'm not even in the top 75 (I'm at 3050).

And I feel your pain. I'm at 560 so I'm really crunching to figure out how to get those last 40.

LynneSin#1318 - I should be home after 6pm EST.

Edit note: If that other trade doesn't take the Sky-bo I might have that available for you too. Someone dumped that in our AH for dirt cheap. And not necessarily looking for gold, can always put you to work doing a few pet dungeon runs with me! They are always more fun with more people and in the end we Priests just can't solo that damn Globule in the Temple. He doesn't stay frozen long enough!

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Re: So very close to 600.....

Post by Ravnhawk » February 13th, 2015, 1:56 pm

There are a bunch of pets you can get cheap. I checked your wow armory. On the AH check out the misc tab companion pets. Your missing the inscription kites. You can get those for a few gold.

Farming the bones on Island of the giants will get you the Spectral Porcupette. Veilwatcher hatchling can be gotten from beating the tamer daily in Spires of Arak for under 9 g. He sells 2 pets each day that you defeat him.

Guild page is easy. Lashtail hatchling will cost you a few gold and can be found under the companion pet tab as well. Alot of what you are missing c an be bought rather cheaply or farmed. Looks like your missing 104 pets from what I saw on wow armory though a few showing are ones that are impossible to get now. Good luck.

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