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The Garrison & the Pet Battle Monument

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The Garrison & the Pet Battle Monument

Postby Oakenar » February 10th, 2015, 2:49 pm

SO...all new pets collected, days of farming.

300 wild pet battles done, 1700 to go.

Um, I just cant think of a good reason to carry on with wild battles, they don't even drop stones or anything these days.
Are there any plans to let the garrison menagerie daily, to be included on this achievement? If not..then it REALLY should be included.


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Re: The Garrison & the Pet Battle Monument

Postby Noxiish » February 10th, 2015, 3:00 pm

Given the fact that people mass level using the garrison menagerie dailies whenever possible, I really hope they don't include it towards that achiev. The monuments are supposed to be hard to get and worked towards over time. Not just be handed to players in a day or two because they can sit in one place and beat the flying team in 6-7 rounds, over and over and over.

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Re: The Garrison & the Pet Battle Monument

Postby Killerkarl » February 10th, 2015, 4:20 pm

I have used that grind to level several alts to 100 so far.

It is about 25 million free experience points so don't let it go to waste.

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Re: The Garrison & the Pet Battle Monument

Postby Dolz » February 10th, 2015, 5:46 pm

The wild battles in Drainer still drop flawless stones, but very erratically. I did almost a thousand before I had one drop. Then I got three Flawless Aquatic stones in the next hundred. Now I'm in another dry spell having gone five hundred without one.

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