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Pet Summon Macro

Posted: November 29th, 2012, 4:35 am
by Overtoof

New account here, and all for this question really... Sorry if it's in the wrong place.

5.1 (apparently) broke the ability to make macros to summon minipets by specific name (as in the names you give to the pet, not the name of the actual pet in game). I used a mod called Summon MiniPet for this, and the Curse entry for it doesn't mention it's broken. No one seems to be able to help, so I came to these forums in hope!

What I want is a macro (or mod? or fix for the above mod?!) that summons a specific named minipet from a pool of minipets. Not a completely random pet, but for example one of three. Previously (with the mod) this used to work as follows:

/summonminipet (or /minipet) Wu Li, Wing Ki, Ho Ping (actual pet names I used... don't ask).

I'd like something that works like that still. So selected pets by name. But... nothing seems to work. And this makes me sad :(

Any help gratefully received.

Re: Pet Summon Macro

Posted: November 29th, 2012, 6:34 am
by Quintessence
I'm not sure if you can summon a specific pet without an addon.

You could favorite a select few and use the favorite macro below.
  • /randompet = summons a random companion.
    /randomfavoritepet OR /rfp = summons one of your pets that you've tagged as "favorite" in the Pet Journal.
EDIT: Just tried some random macros, but I found one that allows you to summon a specific pet:
  • /summonpet [name]
You can use the unique name you've given the pet, or the default name. Hope this helps!