Need Help With Macro

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Need Help With Macro

Post by Maniacalfury » October 17th, 2014, 9:07 pm

So I used to have a macro that was like this:
/cast [modifier:shift] Alterac Brew-Pup; [Modifier:ctrl] Moonkin Hatchling; Dark Phoenix Hatchling

However, and I don't remember exaclty when, it broke at some point at which point I just went to putting specific pets on my bars.
But I really like having the pets on a macro like this, it means that I can save on action bar space by having a bunch of pets on one button. After doing a little digging I found that /summonpet was used instead of /cast now and so I tried making my macros again, but I'm having troubles. This is what I have right now:

#showtooltip [modifier:shift] Alterac Brew-Pup; [modifier:ctrl] Moonkin Hatchling; Dark Phoenix Hatchling
/summonpet [modifier:shift] Alterac Brew-Pup; [modifier:ctrl] Moonkin Hatchling; Dark Phoenix Hatchling

So for one, just doing #showtooltip doesn't work, I have to put the modifiers in and the specific pets names or the tooltip is blank, and the picture is just the ? macro icon. This presents two problems for me, one it doubles the characters of the macro, which means I am hitting the character limit with pets that have longer names, and can't add in a [modifier:alt] pet, which I would like to do
But my bigger problem so far is that for some reason #showtooltip just randomly doesn't work with certain pets and I don't know why, at first I thought it was if they weren't rare quality, and then I thought that It was only for wild pets, but I can't seem to find a consistent reason for it not working.
For example, try making a macro that is

#showtooltip Unborn Val'kyr
#showtooltip Spawn of G'nathus
#showtooltip Water Waveling
#showtooltip Venus

None of those work for me.

#showtooltip Venus
/summonpet Venus

This shows the ? icon and no tooltip, but properly summons venus.

I really don't want to use an addon to summon pets as I am really heavy on addon usage as is and don't want to have more memory used for something as simple as summoning pets. I just want to fix my pet macros.

Does anyone have any insight or use macros similar to this that work that can help?

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Re: Need Help With Macro

Post by Sepsis » October 18th, 2014, 4:18 am

You can shorten your macro quite a bit by shortening 'modifier to mod' and '/summonpet to /sp'.

As for the tooltip display issue... after some messing around I found it varied between my characters.
On my main your macro works perfectly fine, all the tooltips display... but on my alts only the Moonkin Hatchling showed.

So I did some testing...
I took a new alt to the cat vendor in Elwynn, set up all the cats into a macro, and as I learned them the tooltips began to show.
Tried it with a caged Iron Starlette, didn't work. Bought an unlearned one from the AH and then it worked.
Checked Blizzard store pets, none worked. Checked on older alts, only the older pets (ie not the Alterac Pup) worked. Those alts have been around since the time they mailed the pets to every character.
No wild pets worked. No caged pets worked.

I've concluded that tooltips only show on characters that learn said pet from the source (not caged).*
If anyone wants to, feel free to /poke Blizzard about this.

*This was done during a state of insomnia, results not guaranteed.

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