How are you preparing for WoD?

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How are you preparing for WoD?

Post by Iibis » October 17th, 2014, 5:53 pm

Just thought to ask if anyone's doing any preparations for WoD when it comes to pet battles? Are you leveling, upgrading or farming for certain pets?

I've been doing Celestial Tournament for 50% exp treats and the daily tamers & BoF. Dailies I started doing again when my friend started doing pet battle achievements, and I helped him out a bit by leveling some pets for him. Now I've been leveling some random pets that are rare & don't have more than one breed. I have currently 204 pets at lvl 25.

I've got about 60-70 lesser pet treats but only 8 pet treats. I'm using several low level characters to do MoP pet dailies, so I need to distribute the buffs evenly at some point. Cursed pre-patch removed existing pet exp buffs :(

I haven't decided whether I should purposefully save my battle-stones or not, so I'll probably end up saving them. I don't have that many stones (maybe 2-8 each), and I watch the AH for cheap upgraded tradeable pets. I need to do dailies tomorrow to update Altoholic database as the update required a data wipe.

I also cleaned up my pet list! I scrapped about 100 pets (something like 10-20 sinister squashlings there...), most of them cageable so I saved them to an alt guild bank. I still have 742 pets, 575 unique.

So that's me. What about you?

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Re: How are you preparing for WoD?

Post by Poofah » October 17th, 2014, 6:07 pm

Making gold and getting teams set up for An Awfully Big Adventure.

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Re: How are you preparing for WoD?

Post by Luciandk » October 17th, 2014, 6:08 pm

Decided to get 3x P/P Iron Stars to utterly brutalize the WoD tamers. Just about done with leveling the third one.

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Re: How are you preparing for WoD?

Post by Amuneta » October 17th, 2014, 6:34 pm

I'm not doing too much just level pets via dailies to get the stones + the pet levels. I went through (mostly have a few more left to do) and any wild pet that was a B/B breed I went out and caught in a different breed, I'll have to level those. I slacked a lot for awhile on my battles though I have a decent store of bandages and pet food at least for the leveling process. I've also looked over some of the guides on wowhead and such to get an idea of the pets in the zones for when the expansion hits and I go catch happy.

Rawr... that is all.

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Re: How are you preparing for WoD?

Post by Quintessence » October 17th, 2014, 6:40 pm

I've been doing what I can to prepare for pet collecting.
  • Gold - Almost everything in WoD is a goldsink. From the garrison to faction pets, it's not that cheap (but not extremely over the top either). I like having enough gold for activities (like collecting) and then some, so I'm trying to earn/save up as much gold as I can.
  • Dailies - I've started doing the trainer dailies that reward bags again (I took a break after all my pets reached 25). I have enough battlestones to upgrade any non-rares in WoD, but I figured since I'm looking for quick gold, might as well stock up on more stones too.
  • Fishing - Nat Pagle reputation carries over from MoP to WoD so I'm earning "Good Friends" with him now rather than later. You can earn rep with him in the expansion, but the WoD fish you turn in for rep have a lower catch rate and reward less reputation. You'll need to catch and turn in more in WoD to reach "Good Friends". The upside is that they aren't on a daily lock out though and you can turn in as many as you want each day. Still, I'm not doing much now so might as well do it now. Land Shark and Sea Calf here I come! :P
I probably *should* be doing the Celestial Tournament for pet exp treats, but with Pet Charms and leveling battlestones in WoD, I don't see too much need. It's one level per stone at the cost of 3 charms each stone. Not bad. Plus I don't really mind the grind without the exp treats.
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Re: How are you preparing for WoD?

Post by Ishildur » October 17th, 2014, 7:35 pm

The standard things: Leveling any remaining unique pets to max lvl.
Getting extras of a few special useful pets to max as well - if they turn out not to be needed I'll sell 'em.
Gathering gold. There's never been an expansion where I've gone 'hm, guess I don't need all that gold after all", I suspect there never will.
Figuring out where the heck I sent all my lesser pet treats and bandages! I'm not the only one right? I was getting so desperate for bag space on even my alts that I ended up sending stuff to... I'm not entirely sure where. But now that I have more than 12 bag slots open on my main I'm trying to track down where I put all my supplies.
Next up is going over all the new pets and making a list of where they're gotten and how so I can snatch anything I see on my way to lvl 100. :-)

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Re: How are you preparing for WoD?

Post by Corah » October 17th, 2014, 8:48 pm

Making gold.
Leveling pets slowly.
Making sure I've got all the pets possible now before the expansion.

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Re: How are you preparing for WoD?

Post by Chibimage » October 18th, 2014, 8:35 am

Here is a list of the pets I used to defeat all the Draenor Pet Battle content:

[url=]Murloc Harbor's List of Pets for Warlords of Draenor[/url]

Because you have to beat all 44 (this includes the Celestial Tournament sub-Tamers, you do not need to do the Legendaries) Tamers with an Elekk Plushie, the list is large to accommodate that endeavor.

In any event, most of the new pets from Draenor are really easy to acquire, which is really nice! I'd prepare yourself for 500 Wild Pet Battles, that's what we need to unlock the level 3 Menagerie to get the Daily Bag reward with the really sweet new pets in them. That will be the longest thing to do, because just capturing all the new Wild Pets will only take ~50 battles or so, if that.

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Re: How are you preparing for WoD?

Post by Jazeel » October 19th, 2014, 6:00 pm

Q, that news about Nat Pagle was the best pre xpac news i have had in ages, i maxed rep with him a while back so thats one less thing for the to do list for me.

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Re: How are you preparing for WoD?

Post by Opallena » October 19th, 2014, 8:46 pm

  • Attempting to finish leveling my last 50 pets to 25... fairly sure I'm burned out on leveling though
  • Hoarding stones to use on wild pets and uncommons
  • Obtaining all of the cageable pets- I still need the Viscious Horror and Sky-Bo at this point
  • bracing myself for the grind to win 500 pet battles in draenor

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