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Spirit Pet Battle #1

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Gilneas » December 11th, 2012, 2:50 pm

I tried a rare Bandicoon that had 325 speed. It basically meant the earth elemental's stun was a wasted turn since I was going first and the stun wore off at the end of the 1st turn due to the critter family ability. Also helpful that elementals do less damage to critters. It felt like the other two pets I used didn't matter as the fight seemed much easier after the elemental was out of the fight.

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Darklynx » December 11th, 2012, 3:10 pm

He's very predictable and his pets are very slow. Here's my strategy that works with either the Critter first or the Elemental:

Flayer Youngling
- Blitz
- Reflect
- Barrage
Sprite Darter Hatchling (Speed you 325 speed)
- Evanescence
- Life Exchange/Moonfire (Doesn't really matter, I usually use moonfire but manage to beat him with Life Exchange)
- the beam ability
Clockwork Gnome
- Mechanical Punch
- Repair
- Turret

You lead with flayer youngling and reflect the first skill. If it is the elemental, he'll get stunned and be swapped to the Critter. Since this is predictable, I go with Barrage and then hit 'Pass' after it ends, killing it on the next turn with Blitz (This will put your Reflect off cool-down, if you don't hit pass, you're gonna get stunned).
When he throws the elemental again my flayer will have 300~600 hp (depends if the critter high damage high miss attack works), you reflect the stun and he'll swap to the Beast. I just go full Barrage here, since he'll use 'Shield -> Burrow -> Stone Rush' with the beast.
After my flayer dies, I swap my gnome and pound his beast to death leaving 2 turrets up. He'll then proceed to kill my Gnome and I swap my Sprite Darter. When his stun goes out CD, he'll use it immediatly, so I use evanescence to avoid it and keep pounding him.

That's a cake walk fight. You can use a Eternal Strider (or any other aquatic pet) instead of a Sprite Darter, but for that you're gonna have to save your Flayer until the end, changing to your Gnome immediatly on the beast (I usually go Blitz [On the change] -> Blitz [On the shield]-> Swap [When he burrows]).

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Cabadath » December 12th, 2012, 4:41 am

Much more pleasant battle after the stone rush nerf. With 1 round CD it's a lot easier.

Starting with Baby Ape (breed #4) vs sludge: start with charging up barrel toss. Then use roar (+25 % dmg), then barrel toss (hits for about 1700-1800 oneshotting him). This is overkill because of roar hitting him, so you could of course use rake instead of roar to reduce his next hit. The baby ape then fights the earth elemental, who stuns and then kills him; putting both his stun-abilities on cd.

Switch to Snarly or Eternal Strider (breed #8). You will kill the earth elemental before his stuns are available again. Eternal strider: pump then cleansing rain for dmg bonus, use water jet until he dies, or water jet then pump again. Snarly: use rip then blood in the water and finish him off with surge. Your pet will then face off with darnak.

If you have snarly, use surge (or water jet). Darnak will then burrow on the next round, meaning you won't get another hit unless you use surge, but with reduced dmg because of stoneskin on Darnak. If you use Eternal strider and killed the earth elemental with water jet, you can use water jet on the first round vs Darnak, then pump to nuke him (Strider is faster than Darnak, so you get to hit him again before he burrows). When he is burrowed, use pump again. If he misses you, you get to nuke him with pump once more.

Darnak will then use stone rush and probably kill your pet. You switch to Wild Jade Hatchling. The Hatchling uses call lightning (bonus dmg vs Darnak). Finish him off with tail sweep (which gets bonus dmg on both hits from lightning storm, which has bonus dmg vs Darnak as a beast). You probably kill him before he burrows again, but if you don't kill him until then, use lift-off.

This made the fight super easy. Got the earth elemental in the bag too, wee :D

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Tiggindy » December 12th, 2012, 5:30 am

I think I used Little Fawn, Panda Cub and Gazelle fawn. I haven't been farming him every day since it was the most annoying fight and I took the earth spirit as my quest reward. With the change to stone rush this probably isn't a viable team anymore.

Little Fawn worked great vs the elemental, since it was faster than the elemental and has reduced effect vs stun. The heals it has let it keep up with the reduced damage the elemental does.

Panda Cub is just for destroying Sludgy. The Panda also sucks the first burrow attack from Mr. Rat.

Gazelle Fawn was for the reduced damage vs elemental, so Mr Rat was basically beating himself to death as I did damage back.


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