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Spirit Pet Battle #1

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Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Mos » November 27th, 2012, 5:25 pm

Anybody have a winning combo for killing the earth spirit trainer? MAN, this dude is tough. I'm finding fast pets have more luck, but the best I have done so far is down to his last rat pet. I'll keep

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Malanade » November 27th, 2012, 5:31 pm

I've been using a rare Mongoose, a rare golden hatchling, and a rare amber moth for all of them, pretty easy. The fire one took two times but I got him.. I'm at the Whispering Spirit now and getting my butt kicked. Can't seem to figure out a good combo :I

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Ainyan » November 27th, 2012, 7:00 pm

When I defeated the earth one, I used a Flayer Hatchling with reflect, Jungle Darter, and my Darkmoon Tonk. Started with the Flayer, destroyed the sludge (critter), then reflected the elemental's cage back at him so that the trainer pulled it back and sent out the beast, let the beast kill my flayer, then sent out my Tonk and killed the beast. Let the elemental kill my tonk, then finished it off with my frog.

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Mairin » November 27th, 2012, 7:51 pm

Prairie Dog (Dirtnap) vs the elemental, opened with burrow since he's faster than the elemental and it dodges the cage then whittled him down with chomps until burrow was up again for the kill shot although Dirtnap was about dead too. Stunted Shardhorn (Clompy) on the slime which wasn't too hard and got the stampede debuff up on the last pet before he died. Darkmoon Tonk (Panzer) against the beast since Ion Cannon with shattered defenses up hit for like 2k.

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Tatra » November 27th, 2012, 7:58 pm

the water one i fought with an emperor crab through the first 2 pets then half way through the third then just mopped it up with my ram

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Cabadath » November 29th, 2012, 6:06 am

The Sludgy and Pandaren earth spirit were pretty easy with Snarly and Baby ape (4,14).

Short version (which I guess is long enough):
Sludgy vs Baby ape
Flee until Sludgy is up first.
Start with Baby ape (smash, roar, barrel toss). First, charge up barrel toss. Then use Roar for the dmg buff. Then throw the barrel. This kills Sludgy outright with about 1800 dmg.

Baby ape has about 2-300 hp left, which means he soaks up both of the Earth spirit's stuns and putting them on CD. This also kills your Baby ape (if Earth spirit misses with his first stun, you get to hit him with a dmg-buffed smash).

Snarly vs Pandaren earth spirit
Next pet up is Snarly (rip, blood in the water, surge/water jet). He will kill the Earth spirit before his stuns are off CD. Start with rip, use blood in the water for massive dmg, then finish him off with surge / water jet.

Snarly will be killed by Darnak, but he gets a free attack as Darnak opens up with dmg reduction shield (reducing 80 inc dmg pr hit). Water jet hits hardest, but you only get to hit him once before Snarly dies by Burrow. Surge gets to hit twice because it always goes first, but it has lesser dmg than Water jet which is further mitigated by the dmg shield. Rip + surge can be an option, but the dmg shield does reduce the dot by 80 dmg pr tick. Not sure what's best but I have used both Water jet and Surge.

? vs Darnak
The two first pets are a pushover. Darnak is harder.
I used Clockwork gnome with metal fist (bonus vs beasts), repair and launch rocket (bonus vs beasts). At this point, Darnak has burrow on CD. He will stone rush you to death, which has a bonus vs mech so that makes Clockwork gnome unsuited and makes you dependendt on the RNG gods. Open up with launch rocket, then use launch rocket again (doesn't hit too hard, only about 800 dmg), then metal fist him to death (yuck). Darnak will use stone rush 2 or 3 times (can't remember, think it's 2 times), then use the dmg shield again. This means you need to metal fist him to death when he uses the dmg shield, because after that he will burrow and it's good night.

A critter might be best vs the stone rush.

Onyxian whelpling / Spawn of onyxia might be good too, as they aren't vulnerable to stone rush, have pretty decent hp, can heal 350+half of the stone rush dmg, and can use lift-off vs his burrow. Because of the dmg shield it might be best to opt with breath instead of tail sweep. I guess you start with breath, then use healing flame, then breath, then lift-off as Darnak's burrow is off CD, then rinse repeat. Think I used Onyxian whelpling the first time I killed him, but the second time around when I did the first daily he offered, I sort of forgot that because of rearranging my pet team for the other Pandarian spirit trainers (which were all pushovers).

Edit: I guess Darkmoon tonk might be best because of the nuke, like was said in an earlier post in this thread. Sadly, I haven't got this one until next darkmoon faire, and then have to level it up to 25 (which sucks now, because farmer nishi can't be used to powerlevel from 10-25 in about 7 pet fights with her).

Long version:

I guess you could use Toothy instead of Snarly as Toothy has just as much attack, with just a little less hp and more speed. Haven't checked if Toothy (or one of the two other crocks) have sufficient speed to attack before the Earth spirit, in which case it could be a better solution to use those instead of Snarly).

- Start with Baby ape (smash, roar, barrel toss). Flee the battle until Sludgy comes up as the first opponent.

Open up with barrel toss to charge it up. Use roar to boost the damage (and to make the dmg boost last one round longer than if you opened up with roar the first round). Then barrel toss again to nuke down the sludge (he gets hit for like 1800 and dies).

- The next opponent is the Pandaren earth spirit. The Baby ape will have about 2-300 hp left.

Baby ape: The Earth spirit will spend his Crystal prison (no dmg), then Rupture (about 550 dmg, killing your Baby ape). If he misses with Crystal prison, you can get in a dmg-buffed hit with smash to soften him up some, although this is not necessary as Snarly will defeat him without problems. Note that you can of course use rake, but as the damage reduction won't save your Baby ape when the Earth spirit hits you with Rupture.

Snarly: Rip, Blood in the water, Surge / Water jet. You could use Water jet instead of surge, but I used surge to make sure I could get a hit in on Darnak before he kills Snarly. When Baby ape dies, the Earth spirit has both his stuns on CD. Open up with rip, then Blood in the water. Finish the Earth spirit off with Surge / Water jet. The Earth spirit won't have the opportunity to use the stuns on you before he dies.

- The last opponent is Darnak (the hardest one in my opinion, partly because I haven't got any pet at max lvl perfectly suited for defeating him).

Snarly: Darnak will open up with the damage reduction shield, allowing you one free hit. If you use Surge, you hit for low dmg because of the shield. Water jet hits for more. I'd say Water jet is best, although I'm not certain as of writing whether Rip is better because of the dot - he does mitigate 80 dmg from each hit thus negating the punch from dots.

If you choose Water jet, you will only get one hit in on him because he has higher speed than you. If you use Surge, you get two hits in. If you start with Rip then follow up with Surge, you get two hits in as well as a dot, but you might find that 2xSurge might be better than Rip+Surge because of the damage reduction.

Anyway, he will kill Snarly with Burrow, putting it on CD. He will then use Stone rush two times (or was it 3? this is where the pain comes in), and then he will rebuff himself with the damage reduction shield, granting you another free hit.

I used Clockwork gnome as my last pet, but this isn't optimal as Stone rush deals bonus damage vs mech. My Gnome used Metal fist (bonus vs beasts), Repair (not that you get to use it, perhaps if you use repair as your first move), and Launch rocket (bonus vs beasts). Opened up with Launch rocket, next round use it again to hit him pretty hard (although it's just about 800 dmg), then use Metal fist and pray to the RNG gods. Usually Darnak gets the upper hand with that pesky Stone Rush, but as long as you survive the two stone rushes - which you should be able to do, you HAVE to finish him off when he uses his damage shield again. After that he will Burrow, rendering you doomed.

A critter might do well because of reduced dmg from Stone rush.
Perhaps Onyxian whelpling / Spawn of onyxia might do well with Deep breath / Lift-off and Tail sweep and as they should survive the Stone rushes and can use the heal to heal back 350+half the incoming dmg.

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Zaelo » November 29th, 2012, 1:49 pm

As posted in another thread, here's what worked for me:

(Edited with better combinations than what I had already posted)
Whispering Pandaren Spirit (air): Flayer Youngling + Celestial Dragon + Nordrassil Wisp
Flowing Pandaren Spirit (water): Flayer Youngling + Luyu Moth + Nordrassil Wisp
Thundering Pandaren Spirit (earth): Luyu Moth + Pandaren Water Spirit ( :D ) + Flayer Youngling
Burning Pandaren Spirit (fire): Pandaren Water Spirit ( :D ) + Nordrassil Wisp + Celestial Dragon

That's right, defeated all 4 of them with only 5 pets (I need more 25's.. lol)

First two (air and water) are very easy with these combos, I can actually defeat them using only 2 of my 3 pets

Other two (earth and fire) are much harder with these pets, I'm working on leveling some aquatic nukers to help with that, but these pet combos did work yesterday after a few tries and a bit of luck.
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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Lakshya » November 29th, 2012, 5:29 pm

I made sure Sludgy was up first.

Fjord Worg Pup vs Sludgy. Make sure you use Howl first then Bite him to death.

Fjord Worg Pup vs Earth Spirit (Earth spirit will do his two move combo and kill worg) summon Mojo. Earth spirit will wear Mojo's HP down, just make sure you kiss him when you have the chance and keep using your aquatic attacks, the first kiss normally misses but the second changes him and the Thundering spirit swaps The earth spirit for Darnak.

Mojo vs Darnak (Darnak kills Mojo but mojo get one or two hits in) summon Tolai Hare Pup. You need to know the fight Darnak burrows so I make sure dodge was ready to use when he did, dodge all of his burrows and just spam burrow and Flurry when he is up. Darnak dies and Earth spirit comes back.

Tolai Hare pup vs Earth spirit. Since you got some HP off the earth spirit with Mojo's aquatic attacks just keep spamming burrow, dodge and flurry and the earth spirit goes down.

I was able to get all the others down with using the Fjord Worg Pup [bite/howl/Daz Dance], Wild Jade Hatchling [tail sweep/call lightning/cyclone] & Fel Flame [flame breath/scorch earth/conflag].

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Wynn » November 30th, 2012, 3:09 am

Wind one my team kill on first try problem is my main team can't beat that cursed mole of doom the earth one uses.

My main team that pretty work on all trainers, I can't beat the mole one. Stone rush is doing like 40%+ of the pets heal.
Ony Whelp
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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Cabadath » December 10th, 2012, 8:45 am

Theory vs Darnak:

Your second pet will be killed by Darnak, making him put burrow on CD, leaving him stone-rushing you to death.

My experience is that you most likely need to kill Darnak the round he rebuffs himself with stone skin, otherwise he will kill you (unless you have lower speed and lift-off, enabling you to evade his burrow and hit him on the next round).

Mechanical pets can do nice dmg to him, but I really don't like using mech-pets because they take extra dmg from stone rush.

Wild jade hatchling: 1627 hp; should survive until Darnak uses the stone skin ability once more. Doesn't take extra dmg from his abilities. Decent attack, but nothing impressive. Still, the key here is to use Lightning storm (hits him hard as it does extra dmg to beasts). Tail sweep is a nice attack in itself, but with lightning storm it will deal bonus mech dmg to him twice every time you use tail sweep. This mech dmg gets a bonus vs him because he is a beast. After he uses stoneskin he will use burrow, enabling you to hit him once more with lift-off before you most likely will get stone rushed to death.

Enchanted broom: 1400 hp as rare isn't much, but has 325 speed which means he hits before Darnak does. With the damage output of Darnak, this seems like a big advantage. The broom does not take bonus damage from his attacks, but the broom does extra dmg to Darnak with Batter (which hits an additional time because the broom attacks first). During burrow, use wind-up. If you survive him hitting you, use it again to deal massive damage. Hopefully, Batter will take care of business before he burrows the second time. The problem is to survive his two stone rushes before him rebuffing himself with stonesskin. I might have been exceptionally unlucky, but it seems he has critted me quite often with his stone rush. A crit usually means game over.

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Talmar » December 10th, 2012, 11:08 am

I finally defeated that Thundering my...<cough>. Anyway.

I don't have any super fast pets leveled or super healing pets leveled yet. They are in the works. However, I managed to down him with my favorite pet tactic...LUCK. :) Keep in mind, this is how I did it. Only my opinion here.

I've attempted him at least 100 times with the pets I have and just couldn't do it. I always got the last pet down to double, and sometime single digit life but just couldn't finish the race.

I had Flayer Youngling, Clockwork Gnome and Mojo.

Start with the Youngling against the critter and immediately Rampage. DON'T USE REFLECT! If I didn't kill the critter at the end of rampage then I'd start over.

Youngling about half health, with reflect against elemental. Reflect the first lockdown attempt and then do as much damage as possible before dying. Upon death bring out Mojo.

With Mojo, DON'T KISS HIM. It has a higher chance to miss. Just hose him down with water jet. The elemental is hopefully low enough that you can kill him before he kills you. If he kills you then run away and start over. Once the elemental is down out comes the rat, hopefully you get in a shot before he kills you.

Out comes the Clockwork Gnome, just Metal Fist the beast. Time your turret for when he burrows so you don't "miss" an attack. Hopefully you kill him before he kills you twice.

Like I said, this team IS NOT OPTIMAL and requires A TON OF LUCK to pull of. I did it last night because the planets aligned perfectly. I never missed an attack, timing all happened perfectly and his elemental actually missed my Youngling once allowing me 1 extra round of Triple Snap. The rat killed my Gnome, it came back and managed to Crit he last possible attack to defeat the rat.

Good Luck, I choose the Earth Spirit as my pet so I never have to fight him again.

I think I'll go back once my Darkmoon Rabbit and Crawdad are 25 to see how much of a difference that makes.

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Ebil » December 10th, 2012, 1:26 pm

The pets I used for this fight were:

Eternal Strider using:
Water Jet
Healing Wave

Magical Crawdad using
Renewing Mist

Fjord Worg Pup using

Strider vs Earth Spirit

I start off with pump since it will do 50% more dmg to the Earth spirit, followed by healing wave depending on my hp, if my hp is good I will follow pump with water jet and follow that with healing wave, and finish with another water jet. Depending on a few things if possible I will start the fight off with Sludgy with a healing wave or water jet. If I can using healing wave I will go for the pump. Sludgy will kill the strider.

Worg vs Sludgy

I start off the fight with howl for the dmg boost. Since the Worg is slower I go with Leap for the speed boost, which in turn lets me take another before Sludgy can attack and I use bite. Because Sludgy is a critter the Worg gets the 50% dmg boost and depending on the first two attacks from Sludgy the beast 25% dmg passive should be up as well. Depending on the hp Sludy started this fight with it should be over. Going into the fight with Darnak I go right for the leap/bite combo before he gets one shot.

Crawdad vs Darnak

This is a slow fight, I start off with Renewing Mist, followed by Snap. When the Crawdad gets between 900-1000 hp I use wish and I never let Renewing Mist fall off, I refresh it onces it get to one round left. In between this I use snap as much as I can.

Now you can use Pebble instead the Worg using
Stone Shot

Quake will do dmg to Darnak in the back line and if you are lucky you can start the fight with Darnak at half health. Rupture will also hit Darnak when he goes underground.

The air one is kicking my butt bad. I just leveled up a Harbinger of Flame so I will see how he works out.

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Poutinette » December 10th, 2012, 2:39 pm

I use a Blighthawk against Darnak, he can finish him with his 800+ damage ability and the fact that the move stuns me don't matter at that point since the other team is all dead.

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Zaelo » December 10th, 2012, 3:44 pm

1. Start with a Moth vs Pandaren Earth Spirit, proc Sleep on Pandaren Earth Spirit.
2. Switch to Flayer vs Sludge, kill it, then keep your flayer there until he dies (he'll take the stuns).
3. Throw in any pet with strong aquatic attacks to finish off Pandaren Earth Spirit.
4. Kill Darnak with what's left of your aquatic pet + the Moth (untouched at this point), using cocoon strike intelligently to dodge the hard hitting attacks.

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Vanlunteren » December 11th, 2012, 12:25 am

Little Fawn 1st
Just slightly faster than the elemental, so he goes first and completely ignores all of the stuns. Just keep up the heal and use your basic attack. Open with an attack and use your heal 2nd btw, the 1st attack by the elemental doesn't deal dmg. When sludgy comes, hit it with headbutt for a nice big hit, maybe even another regular hit or 2 after that.

Magical Crawdad 2nd
Keep the HoT up and use wish on cd while you hit Sludgy to death. Continue this with darnak. Depending on RNG the crawdad can finish the fight or die just before.

Darkmoon Zeppelin 3rd
Throw up a decoy and keep hitting. If every step of the fight goes badly (with your other pets, like 4-5 misses in a row) AND he crits with his first stone rush, you might have a scare on your hands. But I've never lost with this combo.

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Tennberg » December 11th, 2012, 1:43 am

I've been able to defeat every tamer, even the other 3 Pandaren Spirit tamers, using the same pool of 4-6 pets. Yet, I've slowly been going insane trying to beat the Earth tamer with what I have that is at level 25 (or close enough to it). As I have no desire to level 3 specific pets from 1 to 25, I'm trying to find what I already have that won't take long to level to 25 to beat this tamer. I'm definitely picking the Earth Spirit as the reward, as I really don't want to do his quest as a daily.

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Tatra » December 11th, 2012, 2:41 am

For the thundering panda spirit i found this tactic on another forum to be useful.

Arctic fox-
Dazzling dance

empire crab (or any crab with the following abilities)-
renewing mist

Effervescent Glowfly
cocoon strike
glowing toxin

Basically against the spirit you use dazzling dance get a speed bonus. Then after the spirit traps you in stone switch out for emperor crab or any crab with those abilities. use whirlpool, switch out for alpine foxling and apply howl. Panda spirit should have died or have little to no life left. mop up with attacks. Against the sledge just use a combo of the crab and foxling.
Against the mole use Glowing toxin as your first ability from the Glowfly, you should be going first. Then scratch, then cocoon strike, to counter his burrow effect. wash rinse repeat, down goes the tamer and you get a nice panda bag!

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Rpgforme » December 11th, 2012, 5:47 am

Mos wrote:Anybody have a winning combo for killing the earth spirit trainer? MAN, this dude is tough. I'm finding fast pets have more luck, but the best I have done so far is down to his last rat pet. I'll keep

Rapana Whelk for the earth elemental, Flayer Youngling for the critter and Darkmoon Zepellin for the Rat (use your explode carefully). Works very predictably.

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Cabadath » December 11th, 2012, 5:51 am

News flash:
Hotfix for 5.1 on 10th of december: stone rush now has a 1 round CD.

This can make Darnak more or less a pushover. With burrow and stone rush on cd, he will use stoneskin more often instead of a damage ability.

Sort of "yay", but my crimson geode P/P pet suddenly got a wee bit of a nerf :(

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Re: Spirit Pet Battle #1

Postby Mlak » December 11th, 2012, 10:15 am

I've actually been having very predictable and successful battles using:

DarkMoon Turtle on Sludgy
Bite, Bite,
Heal, Bite (win)

Usually alive with about 100-200 health... enough to soak up the Earth's crystal deal and strong attack so I can move in:

Nether Fairy Dragon
Cast moonlight,
and Arcane him down... attack keeps stacking until dead. (will need to sneak in one more evanescence)
I've had luck with the Fairy Dragon surviving into the rat, but won't survive the rush. But he will sometimes avoid the tunneling.

DarkMoon Zep is great on that stupid rat!
Set up your decoy right away to help soak up those rushes
Drop your bomb on him... and missile away!

WIN! (No pet yet for me)


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