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Pet idle animations - interactions

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Pet idle animations - interactions

Postby Dahtz » July 19th, 2014, 7:16 pm

So I have noticed that there are some pets with unique idle/interactions, but wanted to know if there are more cool things that maybe I have missed. (Apologies if there is a thread like this)

Crawling Claw: Will play rock, scissor, paper if another crawling claw is near by.
Unborn Valk: Will resurrect a critter, if its near by and killed
Disgusting Oozling: Loves dark iron ale :)
Jubling: same as above
Warbot: Two next to each other will fight.

Are there others you have found?

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Re: Pet idle animations - interactions

Postby Peanutty » July 19th, 2014, 8:01 pm

There's quite a few idles so I know I can't possibly name them all. Here's a couple more noticeable ones:
- Nuts hurls nuts at players, causing them to do the dazed animation
- Elwynn Lamb gets chased and killed by a forest wolf
- Egbert and Mulgore Hatchling run around like they're on crack
- Plump Turkey kills itself on campfires
- I think all the Raiding with Leashes pets have some sort of idle animation. My favorites are probably Tito (summons a tiny tornado complete with barn and cows, then gets tossed into the air by the tornado) and Lesser Voidcaller (summons little pink spirits that wander around)

For interactions, off the top of my head:
- Stinker falls in love with and chases cats around (think Pepe Le Pew)
- Spring Rabbits fall in love with other spring rabbits and make babies
- Probably one of the coolest interactions is between a Grunty and Zergling. They begin fighting when in close proximity to one another.

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Re: Pet idle animations - interactions

Postby Quintessence » July 19th, 2014, 8:18 pm

We have a filter just for this. Just include "Has interactivity" (under Pet Properties in the drop down list) and voila! All pets that interact with players, other pets, critters, or the environment. :D

Each of the pets on the list should have information on what their interactivity on their profile pages (beneath the Animation and Sound sections).

If you discover an interactive pet that's not already listed, please do let us know.
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Re: Pet idle animations - interactions

Postby Dahtz » July 20th, 2014, 10:45 am

wow, quin, thanks. Thats awesome.

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