My Pet Collection Valuation

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My Pet Collection Valuation

Post by Rymoe » June 7th, 2014, 11:51 am

As I sat in the AH today looking to see if any of the TCG pets I need were up for sale, I started to wonder, just how much are the BOE pets in my collection worth approximately. I have no intention of selling them, so this was purely something to satisfy my curiosity. Is there anything available that would give me a rough idea eg addon, website?

I appreciate that BOE prices on each realm vary and some breeds are worth more than others, so it wouldn't be very exact, but I wasn't after that really, something that used, say, The Undermine Journal mean value for all realms would be fine.

I could do myself with a spreadsheet and time, but hey, I'm too busy leveling pets!!

Am I the only one who's wondered this?

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Re: My Pet Collection Valuation

Post by Graven » June 9th, 2014, 3:51 pm

A few months ago, mine was probably worth somewhere between half a million and one million gold. Now I reckon it has shrunk to around 1/5 of that figure due to the exploiting and subsequent devaluation of tradeable pets like spectral cub, EST, viscous horror etc. The market for a lot of the pets has just plummeted.

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