LF a guild spot

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LF a guild spot

Post by Kinski » November 19th, 2012, 3:52 pm

heya fellow pet collectors,

i need your help.

unfortunately all my friends quit playing wow by now and i am the last man standing in our guild. in addition all the good guilds on my server disbanded or migrated, so my former contacts are gone. :(

pretty soon i will hit the limit of pets i can aquire without spending real money on it and i would love to include the guild related pets like "Lil' Tarecgosa" or "Dark Phoenix Hatchling" into my collection. those two are sooooo beautyful. i know i have to grind my way to exalted but that doesnt matter, even tho i am only a casual pet collector nowadays i am persistent.

if any high level guild could offer me a casual spot, and maybe even a new virtual home i would be more than pleased.

short description of my wow career:

- playing since (vanilla)beta, day one on live
- used to raid everything in vanilla except naxx 40 (wow break), in BC except SWP (next break), and in WotLK.
- when cata hit live i spent most of my time PVPing, since my RL didnt allow me to make a reliable raid memeber any more.
- since MoP i am totally hooked by those little fellas called battle pets.

i am a very social person and any EU server would do, english or german servers prefered, since my frensh is a little rusty. :)

thanks a lot in advance and if you got any questions please feel free to contact me.



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Re: LF a guild spot

Post by Kungpewpanda » November 19th, 2012, 4:35 pm

Why don't you come on over and see If our guild might suit you? Guild website is at www.reprobavir.co.uk and I can be contacted online via this character or "Shaminx". We are on the Alonsus server. We are an adult crossover guild, relaxed in raiding and sociable and many of us are keen on the pet collecting. Have a look at the site, see if we suit, and feel free to contact me for a chat if you need further information!

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