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Your Luckiest Catch

Share pet collecting news and advice.
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Re: Your Luckiest Catch

Postby Opallena » December 2nd, 2012, 10:44 pm

I've had some great finds over the years playing WoW, but my best have to be these:

-Time-Lost Proto Drake around 7:30am central time (took all day to come out of the clouds)
-Aeonaxx around the same time as time lost
-snagged hycanith macaw for 100g after i gave the first one i got while doing the STV quest achievment to my sister
-Swift White Hawkstrider on my very first run through heroic Magisters Terrace has to be the winner here
-Just today i tamed Acroniss on my level 90 hunter. He's new, and very heavily camped (CRZ sucks)

one of my sob stories is having to slay over 5000 whelps in wetlands for my awesome Crimson Whelpling i adore him though. He's a super battler :D

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Re: Your Luckiest Catch

Postby Schindler » December 2nd, 2012, 10:59 pm

This is not a lucky drop.
Back in TBC when we where raiding in Mount Hyjal, we where on Archimonde, but that day the tank was late and we had to wait an hour for him. I went to Zang to continue my farming for firefly. Got the pet and when the tank come online we killed Archimonde as Server first. Happy day!

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Re: Your Luckiest Catch

Postby Faery » December 4th, 2012, 10:07 am

Azmeaiel wrote:people still hate me over turtle drop, I got logged out in shalozar doing the fishing daily on the night of the patch where it was included, when servers came back on and I logged on there was a fishing pool so decided to finish daily before exploring the new content, first cast got the new turtle mount ! much hate from everyone :lol: approx 2 mins into patch and 1 cast.

Back in WotLK I was waiting around for the Time Lost Proto Drake to spawn, and I thought, "What the hell, might as well do a quick dungeon." So I queued up for a random and got Utguard Pinnacle. Magically the Blue Proto Drake dropped and I won the roll. If I wasn't happy enough already, immediately after I left the group and transported out, TLPD spawned literally right on top of me. 2 rare mounts within an hour of each other. Talk about lucky!

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Re: Your Luckiest Catch

Postby Mawder » December 6th, 2012, 2:36 am

Such a lucky day today:
- Arcane Eye (Rare on first battle)
- Anodized Robo Cub (Rare after a few)
- Stunted Stardhorn (Rare, I have been hunting a rare for this guy when 5.0 came out!)
- Rare Magic Battle-Stone (went to Minfernal, I have a generic but I have been saving it)


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