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How many accumulated pets did you have initially?

Posted: November 17th, 2012, 12:47 am
by Sïan
When the Pet Journal first appeared pre-MoP, I had 1170 pets... I love all my toons equally so of course I had to get as many pets as I possibly could for each of them! And I'm such a hoarder (and a cheap one at that), that I couldn't bear to just dump any that could be sold or given away to friends once we could cage them. It was heartbreaking having to release the extras I couldn't cage into the ether :cry: . Took forever (and more than one banker's new guild tab!) to get them down to the 500 cap so I could finally catch some in the wild!

I'm taking a break from AH trading with them atm (it's so time-consuming!), but I think I've made close to 100k gold across a few different servers selling the extras, and still have well over 100 in various bankers' bags and banks. Sometime I'm sure I'll relearn many to level again once I've gone through all the trainers and caught'em all in the wild.

So I've always wondered... anyone else have ridiculous numbers they had to cull down to get under the cap?

Re: How many accumulated pets did you have initially?

Posted: November 17th, 2012, 4:54 am
by Greenstar
Similar story.

I collected pets on all of my characters (I had 9 85's at MoP release) and most of them had over 100 with some closer to if not over 175. I had well over 1200 when the initial merge occurred during the pre-MoP patch. I released all of the easy to get vendor pets (cats, moths, etc.) and still had over 800 when MoP actually hit. I caged all my duplicates so that I only had one of each meaning I had over 500 that I had to stash on multiple bank alts (including several tabs of my alt's guild bank). I've been giving away to guildies and friends since the expac but the ones interested in pets already had many of them.

I sold enough of them in the first several weeks to pay for the Grand Expedition Yak (108k) and have made another 60k since. :mrgreen: I still have over 200 left, mostly relatively easy to get ones that don't sell and some rares that I'm hoping some sucker, I mean earnest collector, will want to pay higher for.

Of course, being the compuslive collector that I am, I had to go out and tame all the wild ones I could so now I'm at 463 unique pets and starting to look for different breeds of some of them.

So yeah, I can relate. :D

Re: How many accumulated pets did you have initially?

Posted: November 19th, 2012, 4:48 pm
by Vhale
I had over 800, I can relate as well. I had several of the old sprite darters but did not make much on them , sadly. But I was able to sell enough to get all the older TCG pets that are under 50$ and a few others besides. I am quite happy ^_^

Re: How many accumulated pets did you have initially?

Posted: November 20th, 2012, 7:04 am
by Mairin
After the initial merge I only had like 180 something uniques but around 1200 with duplicates since I'm a bit of an altaholic. I spent a good few hours auctioning pets on launch night and I still have 400-500 bouncing between alts' mails because I keep putting off the relisting ;) Having like 30 of this (squashlings I'm looking at you...), 20 of that and a feline army that any crazy cat lady would be proud of was a bit of an undertaking. The pets of any moderate value are sitting in the bags of a relatively unused alt so at least I can keep track when I need to do cross-server learning/recaging. I was surprised how much gold stuff has been selling for over the weeks and continues to do so if you pick the right pets on the right server at the right time. I ended up giving away a bunch to people in the WP guild on Madoran, searing scorchlings were particularly popular and I had a couple dozen of those from the molten front. I'm sure I'll get back to clearing my inventory eventually but I'm at least trying to get the latest batch of toons to 90 first ;)