Bag addon question for all you pet traders

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Bag addon question for all you pet traders

Post by Caliban » October 15th, 2020, 8:18 am

Hi. I deal in pets on 7 different realms, and my bags are always full of pets. One important feature in a bad addon that I want is one where my pets can be sorted, say, alphabetically or at the very least if I have say, three Crimson Lashers, that they get put together.

This worked perfectly fine with the Derpy addon, but sadly the support for it stopped. Now Bagnon is horrid (though maybe I'm doing something wrong). When I click the sort button it seemingly arbitrarily rearranges the pets, but even two similar pets will be in totally different spots in the bag. Also, the search function SIMPLY doesn't work on pets; as soon as I so much as type in one single letter in the search field, the whole bag goes grey. It's useless.

Can anyone recommend a bag addon with useful functionality for pet-sellers? What I'm searching for is:

-I want a one-bag interface.
-I want to be able to sort my pets alphabetically or at least so that duplicate pets get clustered together (especially for my bank this is important)
-I want to be able to do a simple search and the searched item actually showing.

Thanks in advance!

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