Caged pet guild bank tooltips

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Caged pet guild bank tooltips

Post by Ziv » April 9th, 2019, 10:16 am

Trade Skill Master (TSM) used to have the ability to see caged pets tool tips visible in guild banks. Since the patch they no longer show. I've talked to a few people from the TSM Discord channel & have gotten a couple different answers. One says no one's had the problem, the others say it's a known issue they're working on but no ETA.

I know the other inventory addons I use don't show tool tips on caged pets in the guild banks. I use Bagnon & Altoholic. Years ago one of them or maybe both used to show their tool tips.

What I'm asking is if anyone possibly knows of an addon that shows caged pet tool tips from guild banks. I keep a large inventory of pets to sell (3 guild banks full ugh lol) & atm it's a pain in the rear keeping track of what goes where.


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