Addon Not Working (But I'm Not Sure Which One)

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Addon Not Working (But I'm Not Sure Which One)

Post by Jazzalliance » August 23rd, 2018, 6:55 pm


I use several Battle Pet Addons. One of them (I'm not sure which one), would display the quality of the Battle Pets that I was battling in my chat window i.e it would identify each pet on the opposing team as being of poor, common, or rare quality.

Not sure which Addon that is; maybe someone could tell me.

In any event, I updated my Addons earlier today. Whichever Addon it is, it's no longer working. I go into a pet battle and have no IDEA as to what quality of pets it is that I'm battling.

This is bothersome, because I never bother to battle any teams that don't include Rares. If all the pets on the opposing team are of poor or common quality, I just surrender the battle and move on. Right now I have no idea what quality pet it is that I would otherwise try to capture.

Anyone know what AddOn it is that I'm talking about?

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Re: Addon Not Working (But I'm Not Sure Which One)

Post by Cypetcollector » August 28th, 2018, 5:08 pm

Think it's PetTracker. But what I've noticed is the values of the pets (S/P/H) don't match at all with what is listed on the site. For example a green quality river frog in game has 1083 health, 214 power, 267 speed at 25, but the stats on the site don't list any stats close to those for the pet.

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