Ideas for combined PVP pet battle addon

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Ideas for combined PVP pet battle addon

Post by Drlambda » July 20th, 2018, 7:16 am

With Pet Tracker down for a while now, i contemplated creating a addon that would fulfill all the needs of PVP Pet Battlers without having to install a metric ton of different addons. While i learned to love all of them, it's a hassle to reinstall all of them every time you reinstall WoW or hope that all of them get updated whenever a major patch hits.

Don't get me wrong, i understand that it's a huge project and well beyond everything i ever did with WoW addons, and will probably not be ready any time soon, especially considering most of my free time is spent taking care of my newly-enlarged family, but it's something i'd love to work on if the interest is there. Although i'm not experienced with Lua or the WoW API, i'm pretty close to two decades of professional software development experience, so i think i can do it. If i think an addon fits the job perfectly, i'll try to contact the author and ask if i'm allowed to use their code, otherwise i'll implement the features myself.

If done perfectly, i want it to begin doing things where Rematch stops, and i don't want to dabble into the collector addons. I specifically don't want to copy all features of PetTracker, but i want to include my own implementation of the features that are important for PVP.

So here's my feature list right now. I hope y'all have additional ideas for me.

Necessary features
1. A selection screen for the start of the battle, where you can see the enemy abilities and stats, as well as your stats and selected abilities, pretty much like the Pet Tracker Selector.
2. Pretty much everything from Derangement's Pet Cooldowns. While the Pet Tracker cooldowns are nice for a start, they are much less precise than Derangements and also don't show CDs and timed buffs and debuffs in the backline.
3. All the features from PetBattleLogKeeper. As i'm currently the only "active" developer for PBLK, this should be the easiest part.
4. Breed information. I know this is quite maintenance-intensive and from what i've heard not very fun to implement, but it's crucial information for serious battlers.
5. Base stat information. This isn't really supported by any current addon without jumping through some hoops. Did you ever sit in a battle and think to yourself "I wonder how fast this thing will be when the buff falls off next turn?" I want to have this information present at all time.

Nice-to-have features
1. More stat features like i originally planned for PBLK. How much did i use this pet, how high is my win percentage when using this pet and whatnot. Maybe even avg hit chance, avg damage etc. The sky is the limit.
2. Advanced math features. What's the real hit chance right now? How high is your chance of killing the opposing pet if you use this attack? How much damage will this attack do if it's not effective or supereffective? As i haven't looked into what the API enables you to do, i have no idea if any of these ideas are possible, but i'd love to have them.
3. Bug warnings. A lot of abilities have bugs that make them unintuitive. While we can't fix those bugs, we can warn newer players about them.

These are my ideas for now. I hope you guys have more suggestions for me. General feedback would also be appreciated - do we actually need an addon like this or are you fine using the ones that exist right now? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Ideas for combined PVP pet battle addon

Post by Brawler » July 20th, 2018, 9:31 am

Now THIS is a kick-starter project I would like to donate to.
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Re: Ideas for combined PVP pet battle addon

Post by Jerebear » July 20th, 2018, 3:10 pm

In the near term, if you just need abils/cooldowns to make until things get fixed, you might try the Derangement's Battle Pet Cooldowns addon. It still works for PvE battles, but I haven't tried PvP. Mostly as a stopgap until you get pet tracker back or finish on this new idea.
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