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PTR pet data

Post by Djkillj0y » May 23rd, 2019, 12:29 pm

So far 88 pets have been datamined in some fashion. This includes the stratholm pet dungeon reward and vendor. At present only about 8 are entirely unknown aside from name and possibly model. I post my gleaning from wowhead here in the hopes they will help others. If you want access to the data in spreadsheet form I can make a link available.

Abyssal Slitherling World Caught Nazjatar
Adventurous Hopling
Alloyed Alleyrat World Caught Operation Mechagon
Amethyst Softshell Drop Amethyst Spireshell
blackchasm Crawler Dungeon Caught Eternal Palace
Bloodseeker World Caught Nazjatar
Brilliant Glimmershell Quest Beauty in the Deeps
Brinestone Algan Drop Avarius
Budding Algan Drop Rockweed Shambler
Caverndark Nightmare Drop Caverndark Terror
Chitterspine Deepstalker Dungeon Caught Eternal Palace
Chitterspine Devourer Vendor Battle Commendation
Chitterspine Needler
Chitterspine Skitterling World Caught Nazjatar
Clanking scrapsorter World Caught Operation Mechagon
Copper Hopper World Caught Operation Mechagon
Coral Lashling Drop Carnivorous Lasher
Crypt Fiend Vendor Pet Dungeon - Strath
Daggertooth Frenzy Drop Daggertooth Terror
Damplight Slug Vendor Unshackled
Deeptine Fingerling World Caught Nazjatar
Drowned Hatchling Vendor Prismatic Manapearl
Duskytooth Snooter World Caught Mechagon
Experimental Roach World Caught Mechagon
Fleeting Frog World Caught Mechagon
Ghostly Whelpling
Glimmershell Scuttler World Caught Nazjatar
Glittering Diamondshell Drop Sandclaw Stoneshell
Golden Cricket
Golden Snorf Drop King Mechagon
Great Sea Albatross World Caught Nazjatar
Gruesome Belcher Vendor Pet Dungeon - Strath
H4nd-EE World Caught Operation Mechagon
Hissing Chitterspine World Caught Nazjatar
Junkheap Roach World Caught Mechagon
Kelpfin Achievement Team Aquashock - Meta
Lightless Ambusher Drop Lady Ashvane
Lost Robogrip Drop Malfunctioning Beastbot
Lustrous Glimmershell Quest Glimmering Shell
Malfunctioning Microbot World Caught Mechagon
Mechagon Marmot World Caught Mechagon
Microbot 8D Blueprint HK-8 Ariel oppresion unit
Microbot XD Blueprint
Mindlost Bloodfrenzy Drop Blackwater Behemoth
Minimancer Achievement Pet Dungeon - Strath
Motorized Croaker World Caught Mechagon
Muck Slug World Caught Nazjatar
Murgle Drop King Gakula
Mustyfur Snooter
Nameless Octopode Drop Za'qul
Necrofin Tadpole Drop Blindlight
oox-35/MG Quest Mechagon
Pearlescent Glimmershell Vendor Prismatic Manapearl
Prismatic Softshell Vendor Waveblade Ankoan
Rustbolt Clucker World Caught Mechagon
Rustyroot Snooter World Caught Mechagon
Sandclaw Nestseeker Chest Glimmering Chest
Sandclaw Pincher World Caught Nazjatar
Sandclaw Sunshell World Caught Nazjatar
Sandkeep Drop Sandcastle
Scalebrood Hydra Drop Scale Matriarch Gratinax
Scrapyard Tunneler World Caught Mechagon
Seafury Drop Prince Typhonus
Shrieker Vendor Pet Dungeon - Strath
Skittering Eel Drop Vor'Koth
Slimy Darkhunter Slimy Cocoon
Slimy Eel Slimy Cocoon
Slimy Fangtooth Slimy Cocoon
Slimy Hermit Crab Slimy Cocoon
Slimy Octopode Slimy Cocoon
Slimy Otter Slimy Cocoon
Slimy Sea Slug Slimy Cocoon
Snowsoft Nibbler
Spawn of Nalaada Drop Elderspawn Nalaada
Specimen 97 World Caught Mechagon
Spireshell Snail World Caught Nazjatar
Stormwrath Drop Prince Vortran
Trench Slug Dungeon Caught Eternal Palace
Twilight Whelpling
Utility Mechanoclaw Blueprint
Wriggler Drop Mirecrawler
Yellow Junkhopper World Caught Mechagon
Zanj'ir Poker Drop Queen Azshara
Ziggy Vendor Pet Dungeon - Strath
Spraybot 0D
Arachnoid Skitterbot Drop Mecharantula
Bonebiter Drop Bonepicker
Burnout Achievement Postmaster Malowne

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Re: PTR pet data

Post by Quintessence » May 23rd, 2019, 6:55 pm

We have a full list of datamined pets from 8.2 PTR here:

The current total is 90 new pets, and 1 that's still not listed in the Pet Journal but has been found in the files.
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