WTT Pets for JC Mount(s)

Arrange pet trades on US and Oceanic servers.
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WTT Pets for JC Mount(s)

Post by Notamonk » January 23rd, 2013, 12:34 pm

As title says I'm looking for one of the jewel crafting mounts and I'd be willing to trade for with pets. As far as tcg pets all I have atm is Eye of the Legion, but as of tomorrow I will have a Purple Puffer and a Landro's Lichling along with all of my other pets that are able to be traded.

Posting link to my pets: http://petsear.ch/Pets/US/Firetree/Notamonk

Anything that is able to be traded is up for grabs in return for one of the jc mounts. Any colour is okay, but I would prefer to trade for the green, blue or red one. Please make the offers as reasonable or as close to equal value as possible. I'd like to see both traders to come out on top of this deal.

My Battletag is Bigjay#1372, please leave a little note as to who/why you are adding me. I will or should be on for around 5-6pm tonight.

Edit: I also have a Critter Stone, but it is on Alliance Firetree - US

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