(US) WTS (Lvl 25) TCG pets on realm Stormrage

Arrange pet trades on US and Oceanic servers.
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(US) WTS (Lvl 25) TCG pets on realm Stormrage

Post by Everyone » September 15th, 2017, 7:29 pm

I've sold 5 of the 15 TCG pets, and they're all level 25. A few of them I'm not selling because I use them in pet battles, but here is a list of what I have. BTAG DoctorOoze#1941


[pet]Tuskarr Kite[/pet]
[pet]Sand Scarab[/pet]
[pet]Rocket Chicken[/pet]
[pet]Purple Puffer[/pet]
[pet]Landro's Lichling[/pet]
[pet]Hippogryph Hatchling[/pet]
[pet]Gusting Grimoire[/pet]
[pet]Dragon Kite[/pet]

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