(H) WTT Pets for Normal Difficulty Runs

Arrange pet trades on US and Oceanic servers.
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(H) WTT Pets for Normal Difficulty Runs

Post by Skyquake » October 6th, 2016, 8:07 pm

Meh- why lie? I never really learned to play and I don't want to. Also, during most people's peak play time, I am on-call for work and if the phone rings I need to answer it and minimize WoW for 5-10 minutes. Unsurprisingly, I am not in hot demand on LFG.

I'd like to find someone who can get a group of four US Hordies together who can handle normal-difficulty instances with minimal DPS contribution from a feral druid, rez me when I inevitably stand in something or fall off of something or walk into something I'm not supposed to, and occasionally wait for me to input a task online and call a tech to go do it in real life (realistically, this last bit will happen 0-3 times per hour 99% of the time). Also, I don't know how cross-realm grouping works except for "make a level 1 there and meet in Stormwind to trade pets" so please be prepared to explain how I get to the instance with the group.

This community is notable for its generosity. This time, please don't be. I have many millions of gold and I'm the one who can't be bothered to learn to play and needs four other people to cool their heels while I take phone calls. Also, I am an adult with a job and 36K gold costs twenty bucks currently. At this time, I'd like to complete Darkheart Thicket on normal difficulty this coming weekend 10/8 - 10/ 9. Let me know what pet / pets you need to make that happen. Cheers!

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Re: (H) WTT Pets for Normal Difficulty Runs

Post by Saviya » October 7th, 2016, 12:17 am

I'll send you a friend request, I have a group who can easily drag you through

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