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LF TCG Pets and others, have lots to trade.

Arrange pet trades on US and Oceanic servers.
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Re: LF TCG Pets and others, have lots to trade.

Postby Mathewdw » December 19th, 2012, 6:49 pm

I have a giant bone spider, and stiched pup.

I have interested in TCG pets, and crawling claw (yeah.. i know the odds of thinking this is a good offer are about the same as picking it up in the AH for under 500g)

and maybe some interest in the firefly

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Re: LF TCG Pets and others, have lots to trade.

Postby Diva » December 19th, 2012, 6:52 pm

I have a spare Lumpy if you have say a Gregarious Grell for trade. :) let me know. Doomcookie#1413

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Re: LF TCG Pets and others, have lots to trade.

Postby Bistromath » December 19th, 2012, 7:04 pm

What do you want for the Claw.

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Re: LF TCG Pets and others, have lots to trade.

Postby Zanthe » December 19th, 2012, 8:53 pm

So things like the raid pets that I can get from running the raids over and over aren't of great interest to me wince I know that I will eventually get them and I actually enjoy running the old raids. I put them on my list since I do not own them, but I have extras of a lot of the other raid pets/pandaren spirits and things like that so if someone wanted to trade like that then definitely. As far as the more common TCG pets go, I mostly have them on the list in case someone wants to do some kind of bundle offer for one of the higher end TCG pets. I don't currently have extras of them so I don't want to get rid of them unless it's for one of the pets that I really, really need. The crawling claw I am really only looking to trade if I am getting one of the few really rare pets on my want list. Obviously willing to do some kind of bundle deal with it, but not wanting to trade it if I am not getting one of the first 10 pets on my list. Hopefully this makes sense to everyone. I do appreciate the offers though :)


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