PLEASE READ: Pet Trading Guidelines - Updated Nov. 2014

Arrange pet trades on US and Oceanic servers.
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PLEASE READ: Pet Trading Guidelines - Updated Nov. 2014

Post by Breanni » December 7th, 2012, 7:33 am

We ask that you follow a few guidelines before posting in this forum.

1.) This is the trading forum for all US & OCEANIC REALMS. The (EU) Pet Trading forum [url=]can be found here[/url]. Please make an effort to use the correct forum. Posts in either forum should involve a pet trade, and off topic posts may be locked, moved, or deleted.

2.) Prefix your post with (US). To improve your post's visibility, we suggest prefacing your post title with "(US)" -- this will alert collectors in the proper region about your offer when it appears on the WarcraftPets home page.

3.) All trades MUST involve pets. Any individual transaction that does not offer the result of at least one player in the exchange receiving a pet or pet-related service will be locked and/or removed.

4.) Certain pets are prohibited from being traded on our site due to the potential for scamming and problematic transactions. Here is a [url=]list of prohibited pets[/url] that CANNOT be traded on our forums. Threads attempting to trade said pets will be removed.

5.) Trading for real-world money (such as PayPal) is strictly prohibited. Only digital transactions are permitted. This may include any of the following:
- Gold
- Pets redeemed in-game
- Pet-related services (such as pet leveling)*
- In-game items
- Blizzard Store pets*
- currency*
- Digital Deluxes/CEs*
- RAF transactions*

*CAUTION: Trading Blizzard Store Pets, Digital Deluxes/CEs, RAF transactions, pet-related services and balance cards are conducted solely at your own risk. If scams do happen as a result of such trades, Blizzard will NOT assist in the recovery of gold and/or lost or stolen items.

6.) Remember, different people place a different value on pets. If you see a trade that isn't in your price or trade range, feel free to make a counter-offer, but do not flame the OP or accuse him/her of gouging. If you don't like the terms of the deal, leave peacefully and look for another deal.

7.) This forum falls under the same rules as the rest of WarcraftPets. If you need a refresher on our site rules, check out our [url=]User Guidelines[/url].

NOTE: WarcraftPets is not responsible for the outcome of trades conducted through this forum. We expect that all members who decide to trade with others will do so with honor and integrity. But we will NOT moderate any disputes that might arise. Please settle the matter in private. Naming and shaming or calling out specific persons is not allowed, and posts or threads that do so will be deleted.

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