(US) Annalisse's Pet Trade Post

Arrange pet trades on US and Oceanic servers.
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(US) Annalisse's Pet Trade Post

Post by Annalise » January 11th, 2015, 11:03 pm

Hey guys, I'd like to post the mini pets I have available for trade. I'd prefer not to have to spend gold or real life cash for any of these. Drop a message here or PM me and we can work something out.

Pets I am after:
-Eye of Observation
-Land Shark
-Lil' Leftovers
-Ore Eater
-Sea Calf
-Servant of Demidos
-Sky Fry

Spare Pets I have available
All are unstoned and L1 unelss otherwise stated

1 x Corefire Imp
2 x Widget the Departed
1 x Cursed Birman
4 x Macabre Marrionette
3 x Imperial Silkworm
5 x Harmonious Porcupette
2 x Vengeful Porcupette
1 x Bush Chicken

5 x P/S Iron Starlette
3 x P/B Iron Starlette
1 x H/P Iron Starlette

1 x Pandaren Earth SPirit
1 x Snowy Panda

3 x Doom Bloom
3 x Teroclaw Hatchling
2 x Fruit Hunter
1 x Crimson Spore
1 x Netherspawn
1 x Ikky
1 x Everbloom Peachick

Can craft on short notice:
-Soul of the Forge
-Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar
-Mechanical Axebeak
-Mechanical Scorpid
-Elekk Plushie

Can get on short notice:

-Frostwolf pup
-Son of Sethe
-Albino River Calf
-Forest Sproutling

Available Battlestones

15 x Mechanical
6 x Beast
11 x Elemental
13 x Magic
13 x Aquatic
13 x Dragonkin
11 x Humanoid
13 x Critter
14 x Undead

Free to a Good Home

I don't want anything for these guys, they tend to be pretty common on the AH. But, if you or someone you know are missing these holiday pets, feel free to nab them as needed.

1 x Winter's Little Helper
1 x Father WInter's Helper
2 x Tiny Snowman
3 x Winter Reindeer
1 x Sinister Squashling
4 x Fishy

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