Pet Leveling Methods for New Levelers

Arrange pet trades on US and Oceanic servers.
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Pet Leveling Methods for New Levelers

Post by Angelwings626 » October 29th, 2014, 2:37 am

Greetings All.

I have been leveling pets for a few people for some time and I wanted to share what I do because I think it might help.

Usually when I take on a person to level for I try very hard not to level for more than one person.

I usually talk to a person a little before I decide if I want to level for them. It's very important to pay attention to their game play. Are they on a lot? Do they keep in contact? This is key in making sure they are able to get their pets back. People are sometimes eager to know about the progress of their beloved pets and it's good to keep them updated.

What I do...

I acquire my personal guilds. Please make sure you are the only one in this guild.

When leveling many pets for one person, I put this person in this private guild with access their their very own personal guild tab. Unlimited access to this one tab.

I use this as a pick up and drop off point for their pets.

Since life is unpredictable at times, I like to put back a pet I know I will not have back in under 24 hours. This way a person can have access to their pets at anytime when I'm no longer in game. The person drops off and picks up their pets as they need. This also shows a log of a person putting in or taking out pets just in case one needs to get gm assistance if anything goes wrong.

Taking on pet leveling is a huge responsibility. So if a pet goes missing I also offer to replace it. This has happened once with Wakamaru. I found these pets later lol. BUT it can happen. So please always be willing to replace a missing pet.

If the person I am leveling for is worried I actually have written an in-game contract stating which pet I have and I give it to the person. This might sound weird to do, but for me, it's a sure way they will get their pets if I happen to die and can't come back in game lol.

1.) Write out the terms in an in-game letter to my alt....

"Greetings [NAME OF PERSON]

Today is 10/29/2014. I have taken the following pets to have leveled and expect them to be back in your hands no later than 10/31/2014 12AM. If you do not have them back at this time, I am probably dead. Or at least my internet or computer is. If you need evidence to show a Blizzard GM that you need proof to get these pets from me. I have written this letter to myself to give to you to hold in this situation."

2.) After mailing this message to an alt, right click the note so you have it in your inventory. And you can hand it to your person. The note will show that it written by your toon as well.

When you request a return from a GM if anything goes wrong, you need to know about the exact time the agreement was made, and also an exact time frame the agreement was settled on. Get them to type it out. They can check this later. But do your homework. Remember exactly what and when it was said by whom.

***DO NOT take more pets than you can level. Take Less if you can't finish. Even if they say it's okay.*** XD Just be safe about it. Life happens for you, but if you can't let people know right away =( its really sucky...

Anyhow.....other people can add what has worked for them. I just wanted to share what I did just in case.

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Re: Pet Leveling Methods for New Levelers

Post by Sibi » October 29th, 2014, 6:40 am

Instead of redirecting this, as a Mod might be inclined, given the nature of things that have been happening lately maybe we could just have this on the front page of this particular least for a little while.
A lot of new posters are offering to level pets and this would probably benefit each of us all the way around as we will all probably be somewhat leery now (or more leery than usual).
Angel is very respected and trusted member of our community, especially when it comes to pet leveling, his/her tips on this process can only be beneficial for everyone concerned.

Just a thought.

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Re: Pet Leveling Methods for New Levelers

Post by Doobjanka » October 29th, 2014, 7:43 am

It's up to the other mods, but I was thinking of doing a post like this, but with a lot less detail. Perhaps it is worthy of a sticky.
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Re: Pet Leveling Methods for New Levelers

Post by Ravnhawk » October 29th, 2014, 1:58 pm

Awesome post and this makes a lot of sense. It's what I was doing in allowing someone access to one of my alt guild banks for the leveler to have faster access to the pets we agreed to them leveling. I also sent them a regular email listing the pets and breeds. I never thought to do a contract that is brilliant. Several people last night mentioned a contract as well. Along with screen prints the conversation.

As for a sticky ... I am all for it helping others stay safe and feel safe is a good thing.

Angel thanks for the write up. You thought of a lot of things I hadn't, and even more ideas then a few others mentioned to me on btag.

I've done a couple of bnet cards with just trading 20 lvl 25 pets doe 20 lvl 1s, that works well also but even then it's altered how I do that even.

Trading 6 pets at a time 6 lvl 1s for 6 lvl 25s along with the gold is most likely the safest way to go.

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Re: Pet Leveling Methods for New Levelers

Post by Kpb321 » October 29th, 2014, 4:37 pm

I'd say that isn't a bad way of doing things but it does have some caveats as they either they have to really trust you when doing the leveling and pay you up front in addition to giving you the pets or you have to trust them to pay you after you've done the leveling and not take the pets with out paying for it. I'd tend towards the Payment when they are leveled as I'm not asking them to extend as much trust to me and I have their pets as collateral if they decide they don't want to pay for the leveling but then you can't have them in the guild bank for them to grab at any time.

It can be somewhat limiting but IMO the best option is a trade on the spot. Leveled pet for unleveled + Payment (gold, other pets, whatever). You transaction is completed immediately and no one has to risk anything on the other person not delivering. I haven't done a huge amount of pet leveling but this is what I've always done.

O and I'd also say that I 100% support this topic at least staying here, if not getting stickied for a while too.

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Re: Pet Leveling Methods for New Levelers

Post by Charlott » October 29th, 2014, 6:39 pm

Kpb321 wrote:....IMO the best option is a trade on the spot. Leveled pet for unleveled + Payment (gold, other pets, whatever).
This is what I strongly prefer too.
When I had pets leveled, we'd first agree on the # of pets.
Then I'd go through my list either linking each pet (or typing out pet + breed + quality) as something I'd like to have lvl 25 if they had the same pet (of the same quality and breed).
If we both had the same pet, we'd put it on a list. (To make it easier for myself, I named the pet the name of the leveler, ie I had 9 pets all named "Jgcat" at one point. It helped me keep the trades straight and also made it so I wouldn't accidentally level it myself. - Sort of a "backup" to the list I had scribbled on my notepad lol.)
Then when all the pets were done, I'd trade the 1s + payment for the lvl 25 version (while making sure the breed and quality was the same on each).
When I got down to very few cagable pets left to be leveled and the leveler didn't have the exact pet I had, I held a more valuable pet as collateral until they were done leveling mine (of course by that time, we'd already done a few trades so there was more trust built up too).

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