US Horde Madoran Past Tournaments

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US Horde Madoran Past Tournaments

Post by Breanni » March 11th, 2014, 11:34 am

I thought it would be fun to keep a record of the previous tournaments we've hosted!

Slash and Smash Holiday Pet Battle Just For Fun:
February 9th WPG Pet Level 25 Themed Competition
March Madness PvP Pet Battle:
The Pratchett Trials:
April Pet Battle:
(US Guild) Harry Potter-thon Pet Tourney May 3rd:
The Underdogs Pet Tourney:
(US Horde) Friday Free-For-All Pet Touney (Updated!):
(US Horde) The Great Pet Upgrade contest:
(US Madoran) Beat the Heat Competition:
(US Madoran-H)Tiz's 5.4-eve Free For All Tourney:
(US-Madoran H) Magical Menagerie Pet Battle Tournament:
(US Madoran-H)Tiz's Oct 5th Tourney:
(US-H-Madoran) Tiz's After-Halloween Bash:
(US-H Madoran) "Let it Snow!" Tournament:
(US-H-Madoran)Happy Holidays Tournament:
(US-Madoran H) Chinese New Year Pet Battle Tourney:
(US-H Madoran)Valentine's Tourney:
(US Madoran Horde) Mardis Gras!! Tourney:
(US-Horde Madoran)Outland Pet Battle tournament!:
(US-H-Madoran)Spring has (finally!) Sprung Tourney:
(US-H-Madoran) Tournament of Fools:
(Us-H-Madoran) Easter Pet Tourney:
(US-H-Madoran) Buy a Vowel, Take a Vowel Tournament:
(US-H Madoran) Family Day Tournament June 28:
(US-H Madoran) A Fiery, Icy, and Noisy Tournament, July 19th:
(US-H-Madoran) Summer Safari Tournament Aug 9th:
(US-H Madoran) Summer's End BBQ Tournament:

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Re: US Horde Madoran Past Tournaments

Post by Tizril » March 11th, 2014, 12:01 pm

It's kinda neat to look back at them all. It feels like it wasn't that long ago that we had the first one, but I guess it was. 2013 was the year of the tournament it seems, but let's see if we can make 2014 even better!

To Continue the list:

[url=](Us-H Madoran) Fall Free F'all 9/13/2014[/url]
[url=](US-H Madoran) Tiz's October Tourney, Oct 4th 7pm server[/url]
[url=](US-H Madoran) Halloween Haunt Tournament[/url]

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Re: US Horde Madoran Past Tournaments

Post by Caela » February 6th, 2015, 10:09 pm

There was another tourney that happened that isnt in your list. It was called Mechazoid Wars and it was hosted by Bloodyfields. I dont know how to link it to here

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