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(US/H/Madoran)Flex Raiding P. 2: THERE ARE PETS IN THERE!

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Re: Flex Raiding Part Two: THERE ARE PETS IN THERE!

Postby Adumbledore » January 15th, 2014, 3:15 am

I'd love to raid with the guild, but the toon that I have in there isn't anywhere near ready for raiding. If you're willing to invite toons from other realms, I could bring my main (Frost Mage) or a healer if needed (Disc/Holy Priest).

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Re: Flex Raiding Part Two: THERE ARE PETS IN THERE!

Postby Alxndr » January 18th, 2014, 4:44 am

I'd like to raid. What has stopped me so far has been my sound problems since my computer patched to Windows 8.1, and I can't hear anything in vent. I used to raid on several toons during cata, but have only done LFR (and a couple Flex) in MOP. I have several toons that are at various stages of LFR gear, some on Madoran, some on Illidan. I have DK and druid tanks, and DK, druid, rogue, warlock DPS. I'm currently finishing getting my paladin and DK on illidan up to lvl 90, since I neglected them. Most times are good for me, except early to mid morning.


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Re: Flex Raiding Part Two: THERE ARE PETS IN THERE!

Postby Radnok » January 27th, 2014, 1:35 pm

I am interested in raiding. Right now my gear ilvl is right around 495. As I only have 1 level 90 horde side I could use a little help in getting gems/enchants. On the flip side of the coin, I can go farm ghost iron ore with which the jewlecrafters can make gems. Mats for enchants are tougher for me at this point, unless I use low-level enchants. My enchanter/tailor is only level 58, so I have a ways to go there. Hordeside 90 is Pandirella, BM Hunter. Could use some help/suggestions on gems and enchants for her.

Schedule - looks like I can be available sometimes on the weekends, but not all of the time. During the week is hit or miss.

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