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US Madoran guild Officer guidelines

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US Madoran guild Officer guidelines

Postby Azaelia » August 19th, 2013, 4:42 am

We do have a lot of officers in the guild now (Zoologist rank), so I thought I'd make a public post giving people a general idea of what is expected of officers.

1. Officers can Gkick people, but racism in guild chat or vent is the only insta-kick. Officers should not do the guild purges if one is needed. Co-GM's will take full responsibility for removing the people if we need to make room.

2. Officers can (and should!) ignore members if they have different views on life and can't keep from clashing in chat about them. Same applies to members, of course. 900 people are not going to all get along. I get that.

3. Officers can pass out bags and pets from the Provisions or Ask an Officer Gbank tab to new members if they want to. Not mandatory. Please mention the addon Greenwall to any new members so they have the information on cross guild chat!

4. People were promoted to the rank of Zoologist by providing valuable services to the guild or going above and beyond what was expected. Continue being a positive influence in the guild!

5. The guild is family friendly, and we ask to always keep chat at that level. In the past we did relax chat during non-peak times, but we now ask you to always keep it clean.

6. There is nothing against the guild rules having a level 1 in the guild that is looking to trade with members. In fact, it's why we have a level 30 requirement to get promoted to member. Only time a level 1 should be removed from the guild is during a Doobjanka purge or if they break rules.

Will add more once I talk to the other officers.

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