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Darkmoon Faire event

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Darkmoon Faire event

Postby Bloodyfields » July 8th, 2013, 9:07 pm

Taia hosted an event at Darkmoon Faire to help many of our new members with low level alts get a good start on leveling professions and as an introduction to the Farie to newer players to the game. The event was a smashing success and all her hard work paid off. What a terrific turnout and a great time was had by all that attended. A hearty congratulations and shout out to Taia.

Here a some screenshots of the event.


The kids having a good time on the Darkmoon Carousel, getting XP buff and acting goofy. Gotta love this guild. :D


Warcraft Pets Guild kindly advising Jeremy Weasel that he better up our drop rate on Darkmoon Eye. If he knows what's good for him.

After advising Jeremy (which apparently had no effect on him at all) we went on a tour of the capital cities for a fireworks extravaganza. Partly for fun but primarily to get everyone the achievement. Here are just some of them.

Cleft of Shadows, Orgimmar

Shattrath City

Many thanks and props to our hostess with the mostest, the lovely Lady Taia. Ably assisted by many of the guilds fine corps of officers who always pitch in to make these events a success. I believe everyone had a good time, gained lots of experience, profession skillups, achievements and most of all good fun and camaraderie. Unfortunately there was this big, dumb Tauren who insisted on being in the middle of every photo. :D
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