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(US) WTS Flawless Battle-Stone

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(US) WTS Flawless Battle-Stone

Postby WHTJunior » February 25th, 2013, 2:57 am

So, on my main server, Terenas, I just got a Flawless Battle Stone, and would like to sell it at a discounted price to the guild.

So, here's where it gets easier for you. If you are already playing on Madoran, and are in the guild, I need the money to go to my Madoran character, Whitjoonya. I'm almost at Exalted with WarcraftPets, and would like to have enough to buy the pets that I am missing, which include Dark Phoenix, Guild Page Horde, and Lil' Tarecgosa, and maybe some mounts. Auctioneer shows a 15k buyout for the stone on my server, but I don't think I'll need near that much.

Once a price and guild member has been decided, that player only needs to create a character on Terenas (US), preferably with the same name, and I'll hand the stone over. Being the trusting sort, and since this guild has been pretty awesome so far, I insist that the money is held until after the stone has been delivered. You can send it to Whit at any time after that.

Adomirak - Terenas
Whitjoonya - Madoran


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