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New Horde battle pets guild Thrall US server

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New Horde battle pets guild Thrall US server

Postby Bloodyfields » February 8th, 2013, 11:05 am

Zero Friends a level 25 Horde guild on Thrall US PVE server is now a battle pets guild.

Many thanks do Doobjanka for giving his approval for this.

This guild will be following all the rules as warcraftpets guild on Madoran. We invite players of all level and experience to share their love of their companion and battle pets. In addition to pets I would love to raid old and new content and look forward to sponsoring holiday events, intra guild PVP pet battles and am open to any and all suggestions from members as to how we can enrich our warcraft game play.

As a level 25 guild you will enjoy all the benefits that offers while leveling, gathering as well as a 7 tab guild bank. We have free repairs for all members regardless of status or rank. As with the parent guild no member will be removed for inactivity.

Currently I have several vacancies for officers and will be observing to see who steps up and shows dedication, leadership and most of all adding to a friendly, fun atmosphere.

So bring your mains, bring your alts and definitely bring your pets.

For invites type /who Zero Friends in your chat window. I am on mornings from 8-10 AM CST and evenings 8-10 PM. Fridays and Saturdays I am usually on from 8 PM and all through the night. I will be checking back here regularly to answer any questions or be of service in whatever way I can.

You can also visit our website for more information.
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Thank you for your consideration,

Wanglang, Guild Master, Zero Friends.
Proudly serving as Guild Master of Magical Menagerie.

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