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Recruitment - Member Introductions

Discuss the official WarcraftPets guild and Discord channel.
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Re: Recruitment - Member Introductions

Postby Renjah » February 11th, 2013, 12:10 am

Hiya, just joined the guild tonight with a hunter(Renji). Started playing a rogue(a) back in BC while visiting my (ex)bf for Christmas. Found the cat vendor and was hooked from there on collecting pets. I was given a rocket chicken code by a former guildie, my (ex)bf bought me bananas when I played horde side and I managed to get a hyacinth macaw for 100g back in 2008. I have now managed to turn my (ex)bf onto collecting as he enjoys the battles themselves. He has sometimes bought a new pet for me in exchange for some of the pets I had duplicates of or he didn't care to farm.

I started with a rogue on ally, went to a rogue horde side and came back to ally. Ended up playing a priest(shadow) on ally for the past ~3 years. Just came back in Nov after ~6-9 month break. Loving how the pets are all account-wide now so I can spread the love with others. Nowadays my main is on Thunderlord(A-Renja) but I also play a few horde toons on various servers.

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Re: Recruitment - Member Introductions

Postby Sedaii » February 17th, 2013, 2:51 pm

Hi all,

I've been a member of WarcraftPets since 2010, and have been playing WoW since Vanilla. I raided in BC, Wrath, and a bit in Cata, but really love being an alta-holic, leveling professions, working on achievements and collecting pets.

I love this site, and don't know how I missed that there was a related guild until last week. I immediately moved an 86 Troll Druid, Zulfi, and will be moving my 90 priest soon. I spend too much time doing pet dailies to not be in this guild while doing them :D



Find me on Madoran:

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Re: Recruitment - Member Introductions

Postby Morlis » February 19th, 2013, 6:40 pm

I really like this idea, wish I would have seen this sooner. :P

I will try to make a character there tonight and start the leveling process.

Morlis is my usual character name but if it is taken I'll have to come up with something else.

I have never belonged to a guild that was able to pull off raids, while my friends and I did some dungeons, most of them have faded away into other games, so I pretty much am the only one left in the guild that logs in on a regular basis.

  • Morlis Alliance Kael'Thus 110 Shadow Priest (main account)
  • Altuno Horde Madoran 110 Vengeance Demon Hunter (main account)
  • Morlïs Horde Madoran 102 Beast Master Hunter (main account)
  • Vandì Horde Madoran 101 Arcane Mage (alt account)

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Re: Recruitment - Member Introductions

Postby Tatra » February 24th, 2013, 3:40 pm

Hi my toon is eclipses that just joined. after months of lurking on another server being ashamed of my pet battle days i have come over to have some fun and meet new people

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Re: Recruitment - Member Introductions

Postby Skywander » February 25th, 2013, 3:17 am

Hello! My turn for introduction! :D
My blonde-haired Belf is named Leglorian, and yes it's very LoTR inspired. A combination of Legolas and Lothlorian. :D

My very first MMORPG was Final Fantasy Online. I had much fun playing that game. I did until I met someone and he became my online boyfriend (I know, I know, very foolish.) He turned out to be a creep (thank the stars we never met in RL.) That left a bad taste for one of my favorite games. So I found WoW. My brother bought it for our very old computer. My first character was a Tauren on a PvP server. PvP server = bad (for me anyway.) Then I made a Night Elf and found another server. I was enjoying it but soon realized I needed to find the Auction House. So off I went, I can't really say when I started playing but it was before there was an auction house in the Night Elf city, I had to go to Ironforge. As soon as I entered the city, a big old lag monster came and ate my character. I couldn't move! This is when my brother and I realized our computer was too old to play WoW (but it could still play Final Fantasy Online, go figure.) So that was my only taste of Vanilla WoW. XD

Then BC came out and in that time before I had gotten a new Laptop (now it's old and still plays WoW!) I got BC and was able to play. I fell in love with playing a hunter because it was very solo friendly. This made me happy! In Final Fantasy once you hit around level 13ish (I think) you were forced to play in groups to level up or do anything at all. I started out as a Belf hunter named Sukaar. I first learned about companion pets when I saw a little cat following someone. I stumbled upon this fine website and learned about all the little cats. Alliance only! I was Horde! I wanted a kitty! So I made it my goal to obtain the only kitty who could be easily acquired by a simple cat-obsessed Belf. The Black Tabby cat. I hit level 20 and spent many days and nights killing the Dalaran Spellscribe whenever he/she spawned. Finally I got my kitty! I named him Moose after a beloved childhood kitty. My brother and I played together for many years. I collected lots of pets and mounts.

Last year in January my bestest, best friend, my brother passed away. I logged onto WoW a few times just to try get away but I just ended up crying. When MoP came out I was doing a little better and decided to play again. Pet battles are awesome! They seem to be relaxing to me. Which is strange in some way, but that's okay. I am having fun with WoW again. When I came to this site to look up some info, I of course discovered the existence of the guild. Leglorian was born and I am having fun!

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Re: Recruitment - Member Introductions

Postby Spyone1 » February 25th, 2013, 6:51 pm

Hello all.
My character in-guild is Ferenpetz. Only level 8 at the moment, although this will change. It is my first toon outside my starting server

I started playing WoW 3 months before TBC came out, with my first toon at 60 3 days before TBC came out, so I never got the chance to do the vanilla raids, although I have done all of them in each expansion since. My first toon was "Ferendul", a random name. Everyone started calling me "Feren" in dungeons and raids and such, so I decided to make it easy and now all my toons are named "Ferensomething".

I have 11 x 90's (one of each class), 1 x 85 (all horde, all on the same server, 2 accounts), plus a level 80 alliance and 9 other alliance toons scattered down from level 50 to level 22, also all on the same server (which is Oceanic - Aman'Thul). I also have all my professions are maxxed at least once (herbalism seven times, skinning three times, mining twice, alchemy three times) as are all my secondary professions.

I only started with pets in mid-January this year and am having a blast, so much so that my raid leader has asked if I am still interested in raiding because I am spending so much time working on pets. I am MUCH more interested in playing with pets.

My RL name is Greg. I am married to Kim, have 6 kids (BGGGBG) ranging in age from 22 to 9, two of whom also play.

I had a stroke in February 2011 which I am still recovering from, so please bear with me in game if we start chatting and my memory is slow or I miss something. I am particularly bad at names (people names, spell names, place names, any sort of name).

Thanks heaps for the website and the guild. Awesome work and I hope to be able to make some small contribution sometime.

(edited to make server "Oceanic" not "US")
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Re: Recruitment - Member Introductions

Postby NathKnave » February 26th, 2013, 8:29 am

Hi everyone, I'm Cyruk in WarcraftPets. My main is the worgen rogue Knave on the pvp realm Nathrezim (US), Alliance side. I began playing WoW February 1, 2006 after finally giving in to all of my friends that played. Before that I had tried it out during the beta on one of my friend's accounts, and watched over their shoulders as they raided MC, BWL, and Onyxia.

I took my time getting to 60, missing all Vanilla raids as I dinged a couple weeks before Burning Crusade released. During BC, I was with a small group of friends who did 10-man raiding in Karazhan and Zul'Aman when it released. It was a couple of these friends that started my pet collecting, as they would always run around with something following them. I'd always kind of known about companion pets, yet I never really cared for them until Children's Week came to Shattrath and I was able to get a pet that neither of them had. Once pets became spells that didn't have to be stored in my bags, I was hooked completely and had to get as many as I could.

Near the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King, my friends' original raiding guild began to deteriorate and our guild began soaking up members. During this time we became a somewhat more hardcore raiding guild. Even though we only raided one or two nights each week, we were able to keep up with most of the other guilds on our server. During Wrath, I raided regularly in both 10 and 25 man right up to the Lich King himself. During that time, I still obsessively collected pets, getting everything I could from both Vanilla and BC content that I'd previously missed. The Argent Tournament still remains some of my favorite content of all time, with all of the pets and mounts that it added to the game.

Cataclysm started with fewer members in our guild, although we were still able to field two 10 man raids, down from the one 25 man and two 10 mans we had in Wrath. My friends were dropping from the game though, and our two 10 mans folded into one, which made into Firelands only twice before completely dissolving. WoW became mostly a solo game for me during Cata, the dozens of friends that I played with during the peak of Wrath was down to one that had moved over to a PvP guild and only played occasionally. I still stuck with it though, although not the same kind of fun as it had been, I still loved the game and I've always been able to find myself something to keep myself playing.

When the WarcraftPets guild got it's start shortly before Mists of Pandaria launched, I started there with a goblin shaman, Geomagi. In the last week of Cataclysm, I had quickly gotten her up to level 30 or so. Once Mists released, however, I concentrated on my main, which took most of my playing time. I popped in on her once in awhile however, but it soon became apparent that I needed my WarcraftPets character to be a rogue. My very first character was my rogue, and it's always been my main, it just didn't feel right to not be playing one. So Cyruk the undead rogue was born (raised?).

It's been hard though. Cataclysm was an expansion where there just wasn't much to do other than play alts. They've definitely fixed that in Mists, with so much to do on one character it's hard to find time for alts any more. Compounding that issue is a few of my friends I hadn't seen log on in two years have made a return. Recently, I've gotten Cyruk high enough level to start the Argent Tournament, which gives me reason to try to log onto him every day. I love collecting mounts in addition to pets, and there are 10 Horde mounts for me to collect from the tournament (I've had all the pets since Wrath).

You'll see me on mostly late at night or early in the morning, probably in Icecrown doing the Argent Tournament dailies. I'm up to 85 now and have started in Pandaria. I'm looking forward to seeing the Horde perspective on things, especially the Dominance Offensive, once I finally get to 90. So say "hi" if you see me, ask me your rogue questions (seven years experience, and I'm happy to help), send me your lockboxes and I'll open them for you (I don't charge, just mail the box and I'll mail back what's inside, I can't do the max-level ones until I'm 90 though).

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Re: Recruitment - Member Introductions

Postby Jumi » March 24th, 2013, 1:58 pm

Hi, I'm Jumi on here, Eleras in the guild. I also have three other characters on Zul'jin: my main, Asmund, a human Paladin (level 88), Kazkalla, a troll Hunter (level 37), and Lihwa, an (Alliance) Pandaren Monk (level 23). Lastly I am Robert in real life. I've been on this website for, I guess, close to a year, and I just joined the guild yesterday.

I am slow as molasses when it comes to collecting pets or levelling up pets or just levelling up my characters in general. I generally play a couple hours each morning after getting home from work (3rd shift, fun) to do dailies on my main, and more extensively on the weekends.

I originally started playing MMORPGs with Final Fantasy XI on XBox 360, but I hated that everything on there required a group. After I got my laptop I downloaded the free version of WoW (while on vacation, oddly enough) and was hooked. I didn't really have much to do with pets (I think I only had the Alliance balloon) when somebody on an unrelated Facebook post linked this site, and I checked it out and was also hooked. I gathered up all the buyable pets, and camped Li'l Timmy until he appeared and bought his white kitten. I was even more excited when I learned about pets being expanded in MoP, as well as pets being account-wide, a GREAT increase in the number of pets, and of course pet battles.

Aaaaaaaaand... here I am.

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Re: Recruitment - Member Introductions

Postby Neelixmom » April 6th, 2013, 9:05 pm

Hello Everyone,

In the Guild I'm Tailenstar,and on the boards, Neelixmom. I've been playing WoW for about 3 years, after a friend sent me a game invite. I just made this character because that same friend told me how awesome this guild is, and so far she's been correct. I mainly play Horde, and my main character is a Goblin Hunter on BWR, but so far with this new character and playing on this server has been a blast.

About myself, I'm a housewife and part time student. Between looking after a houseful of fuzzy kids, a house, a husband, and returning to college after a 20 year break from the academic grind, computer gaming is a great way to de-stress and relax the brain!

Oh, the name Neelixmom is in reference to my dog, neelix who thinks I'm his mom.

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Re: Recruitment - Member Introductions

Postby Trael » April 14th, 2013, 4:47 am

Hi all, I'm Trael on here, but created a pandarin hunter to join the guild name Nouye. it's my first character on a diff server. got sucked into wow just before mists came out last year, found out i could have a white tiger cub as a pet and just went from there. I like the pet battling aspect and probablty wouldn't be playing much without it. looking forward to chatting with you all in game soon. :)

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Re: Recruitment - Member Introductions

Postby Lincolnkw » April 14th, 2013, 2:20 pm

Hey all!

Just made a toon to join the guild, named Oldkrekk - Orc Hunter because I am a longtime solo player. I have to admit this is the first time since vanilla I have joined a guild so bear with me. I am the dreaded "casual gamer" I've played most MMOs off and on for YEARS and have only stuck with WoW and DC Online (even then I'll play for a few months then not play for a few months, come back and forget what I was doing and start a new toon). I also have to admit to never getting above 40 on any toon as I dabble in various race/class combos to see how they are different.

My main is on Eldre'Thalas (Worgen Hunter named Soloiste) currently at 27, as I said "casual gamer". I am contemplating starting a Priest.

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Re: Recruitment - Member Introductions

Postby Boinx » April 24th, 2013, 6:56 am

Hi everyone, Boinx here.

I originally started WoW a few months before Burning Crusade, and got into sort of casual raiding throughout BC. When Wrath launched, I tried more serious raiding. I didn't really enjoy serious raiding, but stuck with the group until they got Sarth-3D on farm. Then I quit WoW for a long time, with a couple brief periods of picking it up again.

With MoP, I got to try out the pet battles and really enjoyed them. I've also really liked healing casual dungeons and raids since I first played WoW, so I'm sure LFD and LFR will be fun too. I can even change what my gear looks like now. So much has changed over the years. Anyways, I made a new account and am playing WoW again. I found the guild when I was looking for good web sites focused on pet battles, and I can definitely say I am extremely glad I found you guys.

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Re: Recruitment - Member Introductions

Postby Barracuss » April 25th, 2013, 2:16 pm

Huddrek here,Been playing WOW since 2005. Started out Alliance ,then switched to horde . Raided there in Vanilla MC, BWL AQ20 and halfway through AQ 40 , when guild imploded. Most of that group quit game after that . Just before Lich King ,soninlaw talked me into Alliance again to faction changed all my high toons. Raided again Got to LK ,but then another guild implosion. I have been causual since then. Most of the people ive played with are no longer around. Been looking for a new place since then. Rerolled way too many times. I like it so far , great group of people.

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Re: Recruitment - Member Introductions

Postby Bloodyfields » April 30th, 2013, 10:42 am

Compared to most of you I'm a relative noob to WoW having only started in July of 2011. My first toon was on an account of my son's which he "gifted" to me. I hadn't much more than lvl'd to 85 when we were made aware that playing on his account was a potential TOS violation. So I started one of my own and Bloodyfields was born. A Tauren warrior, as was my first toon. Seeing the Taurens I knew I had to be one. They are a reflection of my real life persona in appearance, big, hairy and have nose rings. :lol: The more I got into the lore of the Taurens the more I realized I had made the right choice. Their spiritual bond with the land and all things on it, except Ally and scourge, is also in keeping with my persona. I am a gentle, loving, caring person with a very strong sense of right and wrong. When it comes to protecting me and mine or standing up for good people the true warrior in me comes out. So a Tauren warrior is a very good fit.

With the release of MoP I had to make a Panda monk, another reflection of me. I study Northern Praying Mantis kung fu, Chen Tai Chi Chuan along with a smattering of other Chinese martial arts. I practice traditional Chinese medicine, herbalism and try my best to follow the precepts of Taoism. My monks original name was Wang Lang, the great, grandmaster of Praying Mantis. It didn't take long before ppl started calling me Wang that I knew a name change was badly needed. :( When I transferred this toon to Madoran to be in WCP guild I became Bloodylaotzu. Bloody, well the name just seems a right fit and Lao Tzu or Laozi, literally "old master" is believed to be the author of the Tao Te Ching. Not that I'm an old master but as an honor to this great old sage.

I also have a lvl 60ish monk Bloodypets which was my first toon in the guild. When I saw how friendly, active and pet crazy everyone was I soon began the complete transfer over to Madoran. Bloodyfields was GM of my lvl 25 guild which transferred also. I'm strongly considering leaving the guild in the trusted hands of an alt and bringing Bloodyfields over to WCP too. I still like to play my old cow and I have made so many friends in the guild it just seems the right thing to do.

Oh yea the pet thing. My son on my very first day in WoW gifted me some vendor pets. A dragonhawk and all the snakes from the vendor in Org. I was hooked from day one. I learned all I could about pets, how and where to get them and the climb to 50 and my first big acheev began. Breanni sent me Stinker. I met Breanni in her little shop in Dal, found out about the WCP website and 454 unique pets later here I am telling you more than any of you probably wanted to know about me. :lol: With pet battles and wild pets to collect it just became even more addicting. Still don't want to have to fish up those stupid carp though. :evil:

I love to dung and raid with friends, hate LFR and LFD with a passion. I really stink at PvP but do love a good game of capture the flag. I mostly solo content, can grind with pleasure for rep, VP and gear. Although I have found some good running mates in the guild for doing dailies which makes them a lot more enjoyable. I really enjoy the lore of the game. Probably one of the few who actually reads the quests. :lol: I'm sentimental to a fault. I cried during the Thrall questline in Cata. I cried when I got my Lashtail hatchling from the grasp of Lord Mandokir. Who am I kidding I was crying while talking with Eclectic about helping her run ZG to get hers back too. I am a Hordie through and through, although Garrosh will have to die, soon.

So there you have it. I'm a big, hairy, old Chinese Tauren warrior monk who loves this game, loves this guild even more and everyone I've met in it.

Thank you Warcraftpets guild for giving me a home and being my family.

Loktar o'gar, Bloody
Proudly serving as Guild Master of Magical Menagerie.

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Re: Recruitment - Member Introductions

Postby Caela » May 7th, 2013, 9:57 am

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Re: Recruitment - Member Introductions

Postby Sace682000 » May 13th, 2013, 2:14 pm

Hello there all ! i recently joined the guild , i believe the name is Ygirette , started reading a song of ice and fire and i think ygirette is pretty cool. but my mains are in nerzul, but at times pvp realms are not all that pet battle friendly. i started playing this game a few years ago. i never really played computer games before this and growing up i always seen wow as geeky. but an ex gf played and i actually seen the game play and i thought it was pretty cool. started out mainly Horde but after i read the wow books i wanted to see the alliance zones as well. i think i learned a lot from this game. i believe this server is east coast , so hopefully soon i can log on when there are a lot more people on line. i really like pet battling, at times it is soothing and other times i wanna punch my computer screen while accusing the game as cheating. but i have level 90 mains so when the new pets drop if people wanna real id raid for them , i am interested .hope to see you all in game. thanks again for the invite

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Re: Recruitment - Member Introductions

Postby Cropher » May 13th, 2013, 4:27 pm

Hey all. Will be shortly making a new character (Gorthran) and looking to join; have been a pet collector on my main (Bilgoltin, on Scarlet Crusade) since the beginning (back in vanilla WoW).
It's all my brother's fault, he started right when WoW was brand new and said I should try it... and years later, here I still am. I wish I'd known then how valuable the collector's edition would become... :)
And if anyone needs help w/ something, I have both Horde and Alliance 90's; not particularly well-geared, but still.


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