List of Guilds and Servers

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Re: List of Guilds and Servers

Post by Theaxx » July 30th, 2019, 12:30 pm

Looking for a great adult guild on Dalaran. Would love it to be achievement, mount/pet-centric, with M+, and possible casual raiding. Any and all suggestions are much appreciated!

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Re: List of Guilds and Servers

Post by Katmando » May 15th, 2020, 2:52 pm

Echo isles – PVE/PVP – Horde – Tribbles – 1 – Aofx / Oto

Greetings Fellow Battlers / Collectors,

As I am sure most of you do, I run the gambit of pet dailies on multiple toons. Awhile back I made a Guild for said Toons that I just use mostly for battles and named it “Tribbles” ( I hope you get the reference). It is located on the (Horde) Echo Isles / Draenor server.

With the expansion coming I have decided to open up my guild to everyone and anyone that is looking for a home for their pet collecting needs. I have hopes that the guild will develop into a well rounded one that delves in all WoW has to offer as we all know there are pets from Questing, Grinding, PvP, Dungeons, Raids and Achievments.

All I ask for is patience as we get the ball rolling and get more peoples to join. So if you have a Love of Pets, Make an Alt on Echo Isles or Draenor and come and join the fun !

Besides reaching out here, I can be reached at Battletag - katmando#11155
As always , Keep it Unreal and Happy Pet Collecting !

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Re: List of Guilds and Servers

Post by Bellamorte » June 19th, 2020, 10:08 pm

Hi. Just wondering if any of the Horde pet guilds on Madoran, like WarcraftPets and Pet Peeves, are still active as pet/raiding guilds and open to new members. My main, Bellamorte, is on Darkspear, but I do have another Blood DK and her namesake on Madoran. Thanks and Happy Hunting.

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Re: List of Guilds and Servers

Post by Acsit » September 23rd, 2020, 6:58 pm

Alliance Guild on Stormrage
Looking for a Guild on Stormrage for Pet Collectors.

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Re: List of Guilds and Servers

Post by Niteowl1970 » February 14th, 2021, 12:02 pm

I dunno if your updating this list anymore, but I rebranded and refocused my guild towards pets.

Skywall, PVE, Alliance, Menagerie Madness, 25, Ilovetania/Petepetrelli

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