BFA - Unlocking Vendors and Vendor Pets

Guides and information to collecting specific pets.
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BFA - Unlocking Vendors and Vendor Pets

Post by Quintessence » November 1st, 2018, 5:38 pm

BFA introduced a new mechanic where certain battle pets won't show up on listed vendors until you've completed a certain quest, achievement, or something else. Doing so essentially "unlocks" the pet on the vendor, making it appear, and allowing you to buy it. Otherwise, it's completely hidden.

Here's a list of Vendors that require "unlocking" plus specific vendor pets that also require extra steps before you can purchase them.

Unlocking Vendors:

Nigel Rifthold (vendor sells 5 pets)
Note: You do not have to do the quest chain to "save" Nigel before completing the process below.
  • Head to Anyport (western coast of Drustvar)
  • Buy 10 Tirasreli Gourmet Chocolate from Xun Xun Sweetflower
  • Travel to 52,31 in Drustvar (west of Fallhaven, just above the "F" in the name)
  • Climb up a hill and enter a tree house
  • Loot the chest that's inside if you haven't already
  • Click on the chest a second time (consumes the chocolates), Nigel will appear and be a vendor.
Shoak (vendor sells 4 pets)
  • Horde - Complete Killing Cannibals, Just Say No to Cannibalism and Shoak's on the Menu to get this NPC to appear in Gloom Hollow, Nazmir.
  • Alliance - Head to 55,36 and find Kajosh. Complete the quest chain. Shoak will appear in the Horde camp, Gloom Hallow (Alliance can interact with him, but you'll agro the camp).

    Alternatively, Blind Wunja sells the same pets as Shoak and Alliance can interact with her without agro'ing any Horde.
Jenoh ([H] vendor sells 5 pets) ----------------------------------------------------

Unlocking Specific Vendor Pets:

Ranishu Runt - sold by Jenoh (H) Accursed Hexxer - sold by Shoak (H) OR Blind Wunja (A & H) Swamp Toad - sold by Shoak (H) Lil' Tika - sold by Happy Holaua (H) Lil' Ben'fon - sold by Happy Holaua (H) Child of Jani - sold by Happy Holaua (H) Mechanical Prairie Dog - sold by Dana Pull (A) Greatwing Macaw - sold by Dana Pull (A) Smoochums - sold by Nigel Rifthold (A & H) Frenzied Cottontail - sold by Nigel Rifthold (A & H) Drustvar Piglet - sold by Nigel Rifthold (A)
  • Complete the quests at Carver's Harbor, Drustvar, ending with Cured Ham
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Re: BFA - Unlocking Vendors and Vendor Pets

Post by GormanGhaste » November 2nd, 2018, 9:09 am

Thanks for this guide!

Swamp Toad (Toad in a Box) unlocked for me after completing Krag'wa's Chosen and Vengeance of the Frogs, which is further into the Gloom Hollow questline.
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