A guide on how to lead your own Glory of the Tomb Raider run

Guides and information to collecting specific pets.
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A guide on how to lead your own Glory of the Tomb Raider run

Post by Volatar » November 10th, 2019, 1:15 am

Here is a guide to help lead your own Glory of the Tomb Raider run to obtain the Micronax pet and "the Tomb Raider" title.

The addon I used that worked great for me was Instance Achievement Tracker. It announces progress completion, when the achievement requirements are completed and the boss is now ready to die, or that the achievement has been failed. It can be downloaded from any wow addon sites.

I will add the videos for each fight that were made by Deanr from YouTube. Even though they were made back when the content was current, they still help explain the fights.

It is recommended that no pets (battle pets are okay) of any kind be summoned during fights 1, 2 (summon only after everyone is max torment), 4, 5, 6, and 7. They are useful for 8 and 9 to help burn the bosses.

Each line of text is small enough for the raid leader to just copy and paste into WoW's chat and use for their own raid if they choose to do so.

If you happen to fail an achievement in normal mode, you can go back and redo it in heroic or even mythic mode, if needed. Sometimes the achievements do not grant credit to some players. Those players need to submit a ticket to get their issue resolved or if the group is willing to, reattempt that particular achievement again. Sometimes reattempting doesn't work so submitting a ticket is the best option.

* is for the raid leader only for setup purposes. Not for copying to raid chat.

1. Fel Turkey! - Goroth
Destroy 30 Infernal Spikes with Shattering stars and then defeat Goroth in Tomb of Sargeras on Normal difficulty or higher.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbumP_K ... XcG6egcM0H

*Place a world marker in front of Goroth on the edge of the circle on the floor and one on the opposite side of the circle to help people aim the spikes. Any colors are fine.

Everyone except the tank will stack up behind the marker. As the spikes come up (floor breaking animation), the group will back up behind the newly formed spikes until they are destroyed by either Infernal Burning or Shattering Star.

When Infernal Burning is cast, it destroys all of the spikes. Everyone should move back to the marker and repeat stacking up and moving back.

If anyone gets marked with Crashing Comet, it will form a green ring around those people and they must move far enough away from the spikes so they don’t destroy them.

When someone gets marked for Shattering Star, they will have a green arrow above their head and there will be a green arrow pointing out from Goroth that will follow them. Everyone else should move out of the way of the Shattering Star.

If the Shattering star hits anyone, it stops. Aim Goroth’s arrow towards the largest grouping of spikes to destroy the most at once. It is best if the marked person can get behind the spike furthest from Goroth, if they can.

If you are stuck near the front or between spikes, just aim it towards the largest group of spikes and move away when it starts rolling towards you. The spikes should be grouped up in a line or at least close together.

If you aren’t being targeted by Crashing Comet or moving out of the way for Shattering Star, you should be back in the middle to help keep the spikes grouped together.

2. Grin and Bear It – Demonic Inquisition
Defeat the Demonic Inquisition in Tomb of Sargeras while every party member is at maximum Torment on Normal Difficulty or higher.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzxu1OV ... 0H&index=2

It is best to auto attack the bosses or even stand by them (one of the few times it is okay to stand in the fire) when they perform their special attacks to max out your torment quickly. NEVER hit the “Confess” action button.

When Belac reaches 100 energy, he will cast Fel Squall which looks like a bunch of fel fire around him. When Atrigan reaches 100 energy, he will cast Bone Saw which looks like a spin attack similar to BONESTORM!

When you reach max torment, stop dps and let everyone else reach max torment. When everyone is maxed, dps the bosses down the best you can. It will take a while. Save hero and CDs for this stage.

3. Grand Fin-ale – Harjatan
Summon Elder Murk-Eye using a Mrgrglhjorn, then defeat him and Harjatan in Tomb of Sargeras on Normal difficulty or higher.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKAt-4R ... 0H&index=3

Use the Mrgrglhjorn toy to summon Elder Murk-Eye a few seconds after the boss is engaged. Kill Elder Murk-Eye first, then kill the boss.

4. Five Course Seafood Buffet – Mistress Sassz’ine
Defeat Mistress Sassz'ine in Tomb of Sargeras after feeding the following items to Sarukel on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Hydra Essence
  • Eel Tartare
  • Ink Sauce
  • Murloc Fillet
  • Player Seasoning
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNWxTU7 ... 0H&index=4

Hydra Essence – comes from a player being hit by Hydra shot within Sarukel’s Devouring Maw. You will have a green arrow above your head and have a green beam channeled onto you by the boss.

Ink Sauce – comes from a player soaking the Befouling ink patch which has to come in contact with Sarukel’s Devouring Maw. We need to do this every so often. If she resummons Sarukel while he is active, he will pull almost everyone in and we wipe.

Player Seasoning – comes from a player willing to give their life by going into the inner circle of Sarukel’s Devouring Maw.

Eel Tartare – comes from the Abyss Stalkers, one of which has to die within Sarukel’s Devouring Maw.

Murloc Fillet – comes from the murlocs (Razorjaw Waverunners) from Phase 1, one of which also has to die within Sarukel’s Devouring Maw.

Note: The Murlocs and the Abyss Stalkers need to be low health...around 10% before they can be sucked into the Maw.

Have the tank hold the boss and have 1 or 2 people strip down to nothing or they can just use a couple pieces of non-upgraded armor and weapon heirlooms to help if they are having trouble.

The naked people should have a taunt ability, preferably one that doesn’t do damage to gather up about 5 or more murlocs to be safe. Murlocs will need to be interrupted or death gripped to the maw. They are casters so they won't move too much.

The murlocs can be damaged down to 50% if needed in phase 1, but don’t get them too low so they don’t die prematurely. Eels can also be gathered up, but they will continue to spawn in phase 2 and are plentiful.

Everyone else will stay grouped up at the entrance door and wait for enough murlocs and eels to be gathered. When that is done, lightly dps the boss down to 60% to push her into phase 2 and clear the extra eels.

When Sarukel is active, there is a purple outer ring and a bluish inner ring. Everything must be done between those two rings for it to count towards the achievement progress. If all murlocs die without Murloc Fillet getting checked off, it is a wipe.

Never cross the bluish ring or you will die, (unless you are the sacrificial person for Player Seasoning). Finish all the requirements and kill the boss.

5. Wax On, Wax Off – Sisters of the Moon
Defeat a Waxing Twilight Soul and then defeat the Sisters of the Moon in Tomb of Sargeras on Normal difficulty or higher.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWOle8v ... 0H&index=5

Pull the nearby isolated Twilight Soul (the wraith) from the corner, into the boss’s room. Keep it alive while you dps the boss down to 20%. At that time, it will turn from purple to the same blue color as the boss. Kill the Twilight Soul then kill the boss.

6. Great Soul, Great Purpose – The Desolate Host
Defeat the Desolate Host in Tomb of Sargeras while keeping the Diminishing Soul from perishing on Normal difficulty or higher.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWOle8v ... 0H&index=5

*Place 4 markers around the large center circle and 1 in the middle. I used red, blue, orange, and purple for the outer markers and yellow for the center since the soul is yellow, but any colors are fine. Make some raid warning macros that you can use to call out the 4 colors.

*Split the raid in half, tanks and healers in each group, dps split up however you prefer. One half stays in the corporeal realm and the other half goes to the spirit realm. Spirit realm people will use the “Spiritual Font” near the entrance of the room to enter the spirit realm. Example: Organize the groups how you want and have like groups 1 and 3 stay in the corporeal realm and groups 2 and 4 go to the spirit realm so there is no confusion.

Note: It helps here to turn your graphics up, if you can, to make tracking the soul easier.

The corporeal realm groups will stay put. The spirit realm people will use the “Spiritual Font” near the entrance of the room to cross over to the spirit realm.

Start off the fight by having 1 person go stand in the yellow glowing circle that appears under the boss when the fight is started, to catch the diminishing soul. The best way to reach it is to go to the left side and avoid the mobs in front of the boss.

You might have to attack the boss to get it going, even when standing under it. It takes about 5 seconds after the start of the fight for it to fall. It can be hard to notice with the boss above your head.

Once you get the soul from under the boss, quickly take the soul back to the center marker. After a few seconds, the soul will fly off in a random direction.

Have a designated person call out which color(s) the soul is flying to. The soul bounces between the corporeal realm and spirit realm. It starts by getting picked up in the corporeal realm and flies to the spirit realm then back to the corporeal realm.

When a person catches it, they need to run it back to the center marker. After about 5 seconds, it will fly off again in a random direction and someone in the opposite realm must catch it and take it back to the middle again.

Repeat this the whole fight. The best way to do it is have the whole raid move as a group to maximize the chances to catch it, even if it is not your realm’s turn to catch the soul.

When someone catches the soul, it will show up as a large yellow orb above their head and have a yellow trail behind it as they run. When it flies off, the person that just caught it will have a CD placed on them.

It will be a smaller yellow orb above their head. They have to wait for someone else in their realm to catch it before they can be able to catch it again. We have to be DPSing while doing all of this too. If the orb hits the floor, it is a wipe.

If we fail at catching the orb, immediately stop all DPS and jump off the edge of the room quickly so we don’t kill the boss accidently and fail the whole achievement.

Think of catching the orb like trying to catch the fire torches in Midsummer Festival having to follow the shadows on the ground, but this one, you follow the yellow circle on the ground.

7. Sky Walker – Maiden of Vigilance
Defeat the Maiden of Vigilance in Tomb of Sargeras having captured every Titanic Anomaly on Normal Difficulty or higher.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_w6kKM ... 0H&index=7

The tank will aggro and keep the boss occupied. When the fight starts, a single orb will be spawned in the middle of the well. We have to get that first orb to activate the next 4 orbs that will circle the inside of the well in a clockwise pattern.

The best way to get the first orb to start it all is to either use a demon hunter standing at the edge use Vengeful Retreat or a hunter stand at the edge and use disengage.

When working on the first 4 orbs, players need to activate a bomb on themselves by mixing with the opposing element that they have been infused with. If you are infused with Holy (yellow), run to someone infused with Fel (green) and vice versa.

Try your best to jump down in the well when you have about 5 seconds left on your debuff while aiming to jump before an orb that is heading to you so you meet up with the orb as you slow fall down. When the bomb goes off, you are put back up top.

If you jump with too much time left, you will not be brought back up to the top and fall to your death. Try to use any mid-air displacement abilities that your class may have to help get to the orbs.

Once all 4 orbs have been cleared in the well, 4 more will spawn above us in the air and circle around the room in the same pattern as the well. Continue to mix infusions to get the bomb, but this time, don’t jump down in the well.

Be careful during the air phase because you will take fall damage. Healers be ready during that part.

The best way is to cut across the edge of the well’s opening by facing your back to the orb as it is coming to you and use the bomb to get knocked into the air and into an orb.

You want to make sure you fly over a little bit of the opening, but not facing too far inwards so you don’t fall in, but instead land on the other side.

While doing this, the tank will need to announce when the Maiden casts a shield on herself called Titanic Bulwark. A few DPS should take a second and go help break the shield only so Wrath of the Creators can be interrupted.

Once all 9 orbs, (1 in the center of the well, 4 circling the inside of the well, and 4 floating in the air above the well) have been cleared, burn the boss. This achievement can't be tracked. You just have to look for any more orbs.

8. Bingo! – Fallen Avatar

Defeat the Fallen Avatar in Tomb of Sargeras without breaking any floor segments in the following patterns on Normal difficulty or higher
  • Unbroken Column
  • Unbroken Row
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kFCCm6 ... 0H&index=8

DPS him down enough to make him break the floor, then drag him to one of the corners and burn him down.

Note: If he is burned down too fast, he will not break the floor and will bug the raid, but you will still earn your achievement. To fix it, everyone must exit out of the raid itself (not the group) and the raid leader must do a "reset all instances" to fix it so you can move on to Kil'jaeden. Dying and releasing to get put below the unbroken floor is possible, but you will not be able to use the portal to get to the Sentinax to fight Kil'jaeden.

9. Dark Souls – Kil’Jaeden
Defeat Kil'Jaeden in Tomb of Sargeras without any Shadowsouls finishing a cast of Destabilized Shadowsoul on Normal difficulty or higher.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwSNTz6 ... 0H&index=9

DPS the boss down to 55% health. At that point, hero and burn all CDs and kill him quickly.

If all of this goes well, you and your raid members will be the proud new owners of the awesome Micronax pet and a new character title!

Good Luck!

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Re: A guide on how to lead your own Glory of the Tomb Raider run

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Re: A guide on how to lead your own Glory of the Tomb Raider run

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Re: A guide on how to lead your own Glory of the Tomb Raider run

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Voting for this to be added to Community Guide
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