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The Polished Pet Charm grind is on for the Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm pet! I've got my 10k and am pushing for a 2nd set of 10k to earn a little gold maybe? We'll see if my craziness pays off.



Dream pets I'm still wishing for:


Mini Tyrael

Panda Cub


Mini Diablo

Yesterday at 7:04pm | Durotan-us | Pets: 1393 Compare collections | Score: 11144

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Yesterday at 6:23am | Kilrogg-us | Pets: 0 Compare collections | Score: 0

From one sapling a forest rises.

4 days ago at 6:26am | Azjol-Nerub-eu | Pets: 1031 Compare collections | Score: 5546

I am back into it. 300 unique pets collected so far and counting!

1 week ago at 3:48pm | Aman'Thul-us | Pets: 325 Compare collections | Score: 1608

Don't forget to claim Bananas and Daisy (if you haven't yet) from the Blizzard Store before August!


Start saving Polished Pet Charms for Patch 9.1. A new vendor pet will cost 10k charms. When summoned, the pet occasionally gives you a buff that creates a rainbow as you move :)


If you notice any website bugs or have suggestions, contact us or leave a message on the forums!


Feel free to browse through Perks N Peeves, my pet collecting blog. Or follow me on Twitter for additional pet updates and news.

May 4, 2021 at 3:44am | Proudmoore-us | Pets: 1388 Compare collections | Score: 11101
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