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Eye of Inquisition still eludes me :(

Today at 2:42am | Hyjal-US | Pets: 881 Compare collections | Score: 5268

I have completed catching all possible wild Battle Pets.  Now to work on Achievement, Questline, and Holiday pets!

Today at 2:10am | Earthen Ring-US | Pets: 688 Compare collections | Score: 3285

Really working on my Family Familiar and hope to have it all done soon :) 

Today at 1:13am | Fenris-US | Pets: 828 Compare collections | Score: 4952



All owned at Rare - Done (again) as of 24/05/2017

All owned at level 25 - Done as of 11/09/2016

863 Pets Collected - 33 To Go

Maintain Rank #10 or above on realm - Started 16/12/2015 (Highest #2)

Yesterday at 2:19pm | Terokkar-EU | Pets: 830 Compare collections | Score: 4964

Working on;

* Getting all eligible pets to level 25 - ✔746 atm

* Legion pets / achievements / mounts & toys

* Playing Heroes of the Storm / Hearthstone

* Levelling classes for pets / toys : Mage is working through the campaign at 110 for her toy... Death Knight / Monk / Rogue and Warrior to level still

* At some point WoD Archaeology and old PvP achievements



Most recent pets acquired (871 Unique)

Drudge Ghoul

Ageless Bronze Drake & Bronze Proto-Whelp

Foe Reaper 0.9 & Mining Monkey

Sneaky Marmot & Dig Rat



Latest Mount (333 Horde);

* Wild Dreamrunner ♥



Happy Hunting & a huge thanks to everyone who's ever helped me with all my collecting!

Yesterday at 9:26am | Draenor-EU | Pets: 874 Compare collections | Score: 5124


Yesterday at 9:11am | Gordunni-EU | Pets: 855 Compare collections | Score: 5117

Got some days off, but when I have a lot of time I tend to procrastinate because of "so much time". :P Completed the BG weekly, painfully (e.g. 3/4 of people in AB messing around at stables), but it worked after all and I gained 11 honor levels – so it isn't so bad for all folks still dreaming about PvP pets. :)

It's just a jump to the left

and then a step to the right!

Put Time Stop on this guy

and follow me in flight!

But they're the Sands of Time

that really drive us insane!

Let's try to save you again!

Yesterday at 3:33am | Burning Legion-EU | Pets: 743 Compare collections | Score: 4358

Oh man, so close to finishing up concordance on Unholy. Blood and Frost are done! ~200k AP left!

2 days ago at 11:10pm | Proudmoore-US | Pets: 866 Compare collections | Score: 5135

Got the Kyparite rocket, but I so want the Blingtron.

2 days ago at 6:29pm | Bronzebeard-US | Pets: 876 Compare collections | Score: 5239

Anyone else loving the Midsummer Fire Festival as much as me?  Along with revisiting favorite areas from day gone past I've also done the following:


*  Picked up 2 pets I never had - Westfall Chicken and Tiny Flamefly (that questline takes less than an hour when you're lvl 110).

*  Leveled a slew of my Level 1 pets to at least level 7 - it was fun seeing some of the adorable wild pets from yesteryears.

*  Worked on gathering a slew of burning blossons - there's at least 3 of the MFF pets I do not have plus i'd like to get a few of the toys.


I recommend to eveyone to take a trip down nostalgia and do this festival!

2 days ago at 11:27am | Area 52-US | Pets: 773 Compare collections | Score: 4448

Current tracked achievements:

Legendary Pet Brawler progress: 1,160/5,000.

 Pet collection goals:

• Collect all pets (currently 885/903).

Pets recently acquired:

• Dig Rat

• Sneaky Marmot

• Igneous Flameling

• Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu

• Bloodbrood Whelpling

Ranked #1 on Mok'Nathal; #111 overall (#45 best). My trade list is hereRawr!

2 days ago at 5:37am | Mok'Nathal-US | Pets: 885 Compare collections | Score: 5291

RNG got me like 'yah!', my timing got me like 'DOH!'

4 days ago at 11:03pm | Moon Guard-US | Pets: 762 Compare collections | Score: 4237

first legionfall cache and i get Orphaned Felbat on first try :D

4 days ago at 7:36pm | Kilrogg-EU | Pets: 485 Compare collections | Score: 2496

DK progress 2/3 pets, going strong, considering he dinged 110 on June 15th!

4 days ago at 12:39pm | Draenor-EU | Pets: 893 Compare collections | Score: 5341
Just managed to got my DK to lvl 110 to start on him, Monk is 500mill AP off the pet (grind). But i have been very lucky of late, got my eye from the DH class hall at last, and a lovely guildie get me the two new rogue pets, still need to do deadmines this week, after getting two pets from it last week. and i was very lucky to pick up the sun darter hatchling for a very low price on the AH. I also managed to get prestage 1! and got the little guy that goes with it. Now to lvl up my ally pally to try for prestage 1 on that side too and get AP grinding on my others.
4 days ago at 12:19pm | Aggramar-EU | Pets: 873 Compare collections | Score: 5221

OMG Albino Buzzard finally dropped!!! I thought I was seeing things at first!




Working on:

Collecting AP on monk & DK (for class pets)

Grinding PvP 

Gearing a char for horde PvP grind

Leveling pets (slowly!)


Newest Pets:

Albino Buzzard

Sun Darter Hatchling

Sneaky Marmot

Dig Rat

Hateful Eye


Most Wanted List:

Fetish Shaman

Mini Tyrael

4 days ago at 6:12am | Lightbringer-EU | Pets: 885 Compare collections | Score: 5287

Bought the Knockoff Blingtron (L25) for 150k today; spent the night in imaginary tears that brought both shame and joy. After so many months on end of completing the Blingtron 6000 quest, I can't take it anymore. There had to be an end to this insanity!

6 days ago at 10:29pm | Moon Guard-US | Pets: 811 Compare collections | Score: 4336

Whew. I'm back.  I told myself I wasn't coming back, but 3.5 years later, here I am.  Time to start collecting and levelling again soon. :3

6 days ago at 5:11pm | Bloodhoof-US | Pets: 514 Compare collections | Score: 2635

One point to go in frost and then I'll have all three dk pets!

6 days ago at 5:03pm | Steamwheedle Cartel-US | Pets: 895 Compare collections | Score: 5353

I have to say I love, love, love the pet battle dungeons, and hope for more to come. They aren't as insanely hard as the Tournament in Pandaria, and yet challenging enough, in their way. For me, so far, the most fun has been seeing which pets I can throw in the mix that I don't usually battle with! Wailing Caverns is especially good for that.


Can't wait to see what comes next.

6 days ago at 2:33pm | Madoran-US | Pets: 838 Compare collections | Score: 4747

Newest Pet: 

Vilebrood Whelpling 6/20/17  


Sun Darter Hatchling 6/16/17  

Foe Reaper & Mining Monkey 6/13/17 

Prestige 7        5/11/17 Reward: Dutiful Squire

Nightmare Treant 5/6/17   Family Familiar Achievement  


Current Goals: PVP Dutiful Squire  

Prestige 1       12/13/16

Prestige 1 Honor Level 50 Reward: Alliance Enthusiast

Prestige 2      1/24/17

Prestige 3      2/9/17 

Prestige 4      3/3/17

Reward: Prestigious Bronze Courser

Prestige 5     3/23/17

Reward: Title: The Honorable

Prestige 6     4/16/17

Reward: Artifact color

Prestige 7     5/11/17

Reward: Dutiful Squire


Achievement Progress:

Battle on the Broken Isles 9/28/16

Legendary Pet Battler  5/25/16

Broken Isles Safari  9/5/16

Broken Isles Diplomat Reach 110 9/5/16

6 days ago at 2:28pm | Wyrmrest Accord-US | Pets: 891 Compare collections | Score: 5328

☆Recent Pets☆

Was an exciting day yesterday for my pet collecting. Found Sneaky Marmot and Dig Rat on the AH for under 10k. Also bought Transmutant for a decent price. Then I collected all the potions and other consumables needed for my beautiful Sun Darter Hatchling.


♡Some Side Goals♡

Doing PvP world quests for the Artifact Appearance colors and mounts.

Farming Saberteeth for rep and the achievement so I can buy my piggy mount.

Running old content for the new Transmog Achievements.


Still waiting for...

The Headless Horseman to give up his mount: 9yrs - 3 toons, no mount.


◊Most Wanted◊

 Big Battle Bear TCG Mount - Saving gold for the day I find one on the AH.

6 days ago at 10:09am | Vek'nilash-US | Pets: 866 Compare collections | Score: 4886

After a break during WOD (thanks to getting RSI) I've been enjoying Legion and getting back into pet collecting & battling again!


Rcently done: Trunks, RWL 3,


Working on...

- PVP battles 0/250 - I prefer collecting pets to pvp battling them lol

- RWL 4 - drop rate seems awful compared to other RWL!

- Conjurer Margoss Rep - friendly

- Celestial Coins for last pets - 5 to go

- Pet dungeon pets - 2/4 Deadmines, 2/3 WC

- PVP Prestige 7 pet - current lvl 2

- Family Familiar - 7/10

- Chromie!

- Play some more HOTS for Graves - lvl 10

- Make alts for class pets - done shammy, druid & DH!

- Find a guild I can join for Deathwatch Hatchling

- Levelling pets to 25 - 342 so far



UNIQUE PETS: 838 - still a few I miss!

6 days ago at 8:35am | Doomhammer-EU | Pets: 838 Compare collections | Score: 4642


6 days ago at 6:01am | Terenas-US | Pets: 864 Compare collections | Score: 4918

Finally ended up making an account. Worth it? Perhaps.

6 days ago at 12:12am | Wyrmrest Accord-US | Pets: 749 Compare collections | Score: 3704
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