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One... ONE daily left to get the Pet Portal. Taken ages to get this done. Overflowing bank with pets to learn!

Today at 2:27am | The Sha'tar-EU | Pets: 1002 Compare collections | Score: 5494

Almost flying! A days worth of daily quests to go! Cannot wait for the beautiful butterfly pets! Happy fall! Time to break out the scarfs, sweaters, and cider! <3




Yesterday at 6:13pm | Moon Guard-US | Pets: 1045 Compare collections | Score: 5641



All owned at Rare - Done as of 24/12/2018

All owned at level 25 - Done as of 11/09/2016

1189 Pets Collected - 66 To Go

Maintain Rank #10 or above on realm - Started 16/12/2015 (Highest #2)

Yesterday at 10:05am | Terokkar-EU | Pets: 1123 Compare collections | Score: 6718
4 days ago at 11:38pm | Silvermoon-US | Pets: 1050 Compare collections | Score: 5090

So, why don't we have any horse pets? We have cows and pigs and chickens and turkeys... (no ducks, go figure) Why not a donkey? Or a baby Invincible? Or a my little skele-pony???

6 days ago at 5:41pm | Durotan-US | Pets: 1154 Compare collections | Score: 6881

I don't see a way to get the last 125 pets without dropping some major $$$$.   This makes me so sad.  =o(

6 days ago at 3:25pm | Scilla-US | Pets: 1064 Compare collections | Score: 6373

Bah. Disconnected. #1 on Ysera-US again- Score and # of pets!  Levelling is kinda fun when you do it with quest stones.




I actually like the Stratholme Pet Dungeon- Though I am not looking forward to 4-6 Weeks in there (depends if Fras shows up) farming currency. Unlike Deadmines, though, I'm not neglecting this dungeon.


Anyway- did you know that more mounts and pets have been introduced in BfA than are available in all of the Vanilla, BC, Wrath AND Cata content COMBINED? 


Sound off completists- you feel my pain!




6 days ago at 7:01am | Ysera-US | Pets: 1185 Compare collections | Score: 7033

i would love to play WOW or record music and put out albums and paint and read, but I have so much work to get done it's insane... which is like complaining about being successful so I get the irony, but i NEED an influx of capital to buy more machines so I can get work done quicker to free up more time for other passions in life beyond work!

1 week ago at 5:15pm | Area 52-US | Pets: 915 Compare collections | Score: 4552

I've almost collected all the "Slimy" pets.  Just need the Slimy Eel and I'll have them all! 


Still so much to collect from this expansion, though.  I don't think I'm ever going to get them all at this rate.


In progress/waiting for: Perpetually on the hunt for my white whale, the Spineclaw Crab.  



* Spineclaw Crab


* Knockoff Blingtron

* Beakbert

* Mr. Crabs

Frosty and other CE pets

* Alliance pets that I don't have (preferably ones Horde characters can use!)

* Particularly looking for uncollected Island Expedition pets right now!

* Anything I don't have (seriously, anything) - I'm collecting them all!


~*~ Repetitive stuff (stats and recents, etc.) moved to bio. ~*~ 

Sep 14, 2019 at 10:59pm | Black Dragonflight-US | Pets: 1098 Compare collections | Score: 6136
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