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Username: Tiggindy Site MVP  
Character: Tiggindy (A)
Realm & Rank: Lothar-US (#14)
Pets Collected: 841/905
Pets Rated: 0/916 — Appearance
0/897 — Battle
Joined: December 19, 2007
Last Online: 5 days ago
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Tiggindy Says: 

Mischief acquired (and leveled) on the 2nd when he became available.



I decided to spend today finishing out Broken Isles Safari.  I've still got 2 pets to catch, but one of them needs to wait for nightfall, so I'll take care of that later.  In the meantime, I've added another dozen or so pets.  I'll work on stoning, or catching rares, later. 



Heading back toward my "rightful" spot. :p   Back in the top 10 on the server, slowly moving up site rank.

Posted Dec 4, 2016 at 4:32pm

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About Tiggindy:

My priorities in the game are as follows:

1. Collect pets

2. Level pets (including quality upgrades if necessary)

3. Everything else


The story of my obsession:

I got my first pet the day I started WoW, the the Bombay cat, and it was just too great!  I didn't have enough bag space to buy them all, so I contented myself with the one to start. 


Soon after that I saw the panda cub, and was disappointed to learn that it was CE only.  I decided I wanted as many pets as I could get anyway.  I spent a lot of time on info sites looking up pets.  The whelplings were as cute as the panda, and I could get them. (Yay!)  I leveled from 23 to 41 (with little rest XP) while hunting the 3 different whelplings. 


When I started an alt I didn't want to be without a whelpling, so I camped another set, and did it again for every alt I made.


By the time vanilla ended, I had 10 alliance toons on 2 accounts, each with all 3 whelplings, plus an assortment of other pets (each toon had 1 pack devoted to just pets for everyday, plus bunches more in the bank), plus a set of whelplings waiting for the new draenei after BC was released.


The announcement of the pet tab at the end of BC sent me into a frenzy, I went around and made sure I had all the vendor pets, plus as many other pets as I could lay my hands on for every toon on both accounts.  Of course,  I had to create a spreadsheet to keep track of which toons had what pets.


At some point I purchased the WoW laptop (a couple days after they'd been discontinued), so I got my original CE pets that way.  Hooray Panda!


Before MoP dropped, I peaked at 2112 pets spread across 18 toons (that's an average of over 117 per toon).  Pre-MoP I simply deleted all the common/vendor pets from my journal.  When MoP dropped, I caged and listed around 750 rare(-ish) pets on the AH, which made me fairly rich.


Of course, with account wide pets, pet leveling and quality upgrades, my obsession stepped up a notch.  I spent the first few months collecting, leveling and upgrading all my pets.  I just did the pet dailies, and some regular pet battles each day.  I didn't raid, run dungeons or even level alts unless basically forced to.


I hope to one day win the lottery so I can afford to buy Murky from ebay so I can have a truly complete collection. 

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