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Username: Sharina Top Rater  
Character: Sharina (A)
Realm & Rank: Whisperwind-US (#83)
Pets Collected: 715/891
Pets Rated: 916/916 — Appearance
55/897 — Battle
Joined: January 23, 2008
Last Online: 6 days ago
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About Sharina:




True friends want their friends to learn, move on, succeed, be healthy, and be happy in the long run.  Anyone who is angry at me for attending to my own health or wellbeing is not a true friend.  I don't like greedy, selfish, or stingy people.  Ebeneezer Scrooge is a perfect example, but he isn't a real person.  His long term outcome of change cannot be rationally expected in the real world.  


Our society sends the message that strength is tied to scaring people or being the bigger, taller, meaner, or "tough" person.  Some times strength is about being able to have hope despite life's obstacles.  Some times strength is letting go of what we can't change and knowing how to be happy even through bad or sad times.


I cannot continue to be held back by traumatic pain linked to the past or spend time with people who are harmful to me.  The reasons don't matter.  Who they are doesn't matter.  What they are doesn't matter.  Time is finite.  All that really matters is spending time with the people who truly care about me and who I truly care about.  A person can be sensitive, soft, & sweet, but that doesn't mean they have to take anyone's crap or abuse.


WoW will always be around (at least I hope so).  I may be human in real life, but in my heart, I'm a gnome.  That will not change.


Back during classic/vanilla, they said pandaren were a joke and would never happen.  Now pandaren are one of the most popular races to play in Azeroth.  For years they said gnomes couldn't be hunters.  I and many others wanted something that we were told was 'impossible'.  People said we were crazy and unrealistic.  Now we have gnome hunters, born out of a large group of players' advocating, passion, and openness to new ideas.


The struggle continues for the wallflowers, misfits, freaks, nerds, weirdos, rebels, loners, and vertically challenged.  Once a gnome, always a gnome.

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