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Username: Sharina Top Rater  
Character: Sharina (A)
Realm & Rank: Whisperwind-US (#80)
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Joined: January 23, 2008
Last Online: December 08, 2017
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About Sharina:


1. Quitting WoW permanently like all the other people he abused. He is a psychotic borderline narcissistic sadistic sociopath.


2. I only trusted him because the people I had gamed with in previous years were all nice, non-predatory people. I had no reason to think or suspect he was a predator.  He claims he's "easygoing" to get women to trust him, but he exploits people's vulnerability. He drives away Blizzard's customers.


3. Women in his harem. You know who you are. He doesn't respect you, your culture (in my case), your dreams & life goals, your health, or what happens to you. He doesn't care if you have to go to the hospital for an illness or surgery. He doesn't care that you are married.  All he cares about is you paying attention to him. He does not respect you or your husband.


I had to spend extended time mourning what amounts to a fictional character. That's all he ever was.  I understand that he pretended for me, but that leads to nothing but destruction. Nothing lasting can come from pretense. He also lied about his own medical problems from the very beginning. He knew about my problems but I didn't know fully about his. My consent, potential life choices, were not informed.


My physical & mental health are ruined to the point I can't hold a regular scheduled job & have trouble coping day to day. I had to re-evaluate my education & realized I wasn't doing what was true to myself because of parental/cultural expectations.


The bulk of my relationship with my partner was spent during the financial crisis. We both come from poor families. The socio assumed because I had a few pictures of nice food that I am a wealthy person. I take pictures because I know what it's like to be broke & hungry. I & my partner know that can happen again. I filed for bankruptcy because of medical & financial hardships that piled on each other.


My partner has gone with me to all of my medical appointments. He is not happy that someone he loves & respects who has been with him through his own hardships, was exploited. He thought this guy was legit too. He doesn't prey on people or pretend to be someone he is not. We want to be left alone.


Services I no longer read or use:

Blizzard's forums, support forums, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, all social media. Goodbye.

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