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Username: PiedPiper  
Character: Piedpiper (H)
Realm & Rank: Mal'Ganis-US (#117)
Pets Collected: 521/948
Pets Rated: 0/962 — Appearance
0/942 — Battle
Joined: January 06, 2009
Last Online: April 21, 2015
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PiedPiper Says: 

Can't express how thankful I am to Drizzuid of Mal'Ganis, Butterz of Burning Legion, and a fellow addict Orphanjoepa of Mal'Ganis. I appreciate all the help collecting those raid pets!

Posted Dec 4, 2012 at 9:00pm

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About PiedPiper:

Started day 1 of Wow collecting pets. Borrowing money from guildies to buy all the cats from the crazy cat lady. Since then I have had LOTS of help from every corner of my life.


Just to name a few:

Butterzz <Mad Reach> on Burning Legion has been the inspiration to my success.

Drizzuid <Thuggernaut> on Mal'Ganis is the only person available 24/7 to listen to my grand schemes for collecting EVERY PET.

Poncey <Thuggernaut> on Mal'Ganis has made sure that every time we all get together... Drizzuid is reminded how much fun Anchorman quotes can be.

Hellhawk <Hell Inc> on Hellscream helped me recently aquire the alliance pets that were deleted in my faction change.


I'm still hoping that the EU and US servers will one day have the same # of pets that CAN be obtained.


Unique Pets EU vs US

EU: Lurky

US: Warbot

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