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Username: LSW Top Rater  
Character: Adwae (H)
Realm & Rank: Shadow Council-US (#11)
Pets Collected: 882/937
Pets Rated: 960/962 — Appearance
200/942 — Battle
Joined: October 28, 2008
Last Online: 4 days ago
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LSW Says: 

Family Familiar/Fighter Achieves and so much more:


Can I say I hate archeology?? -- Still no Crawling Claw. Any advise on this? I feel as if I am forever banging my head on the desk every time I finish a Tol'vir project and the new one always comes up with something STOOOPID.

Posted Jan 8, 2018 at 1:23pm

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About LSW:

~ Noteworthy News Activity ~

~ January 8th, 2018~

Seriously - Awesome Strats : 


Been working the Argus stuff VERY slowly. As of today, caught the last of the wild pets that were not captured. Starting to get low on all those stones farmed from Draenor/PandaLand. Will have to look into restocking some of those stones. Not burnt out, just lack of time. Need a job desperately. lol


Still have not done the work for Sun Darter Hatchling but have farmed most (I think I am missing one item?) of the items required, but I think I need a bit more farming to make the items from alchemy. Have not had the heart or drive to "farm' lately.


~ Pet Achievement Activity ~

So. Many. Pets. : Completed

Draenor Pet Brawler : Completed

Broken Isles Safari : Complete

Battle on the Broken Isles : Completed

Raiding with Leashes I : Completed

Raiding with Leashes II : Completed

Raiding with Leashes III : Completed

Raiding with Leashes IV :  Completed

Raiding with Leashes V : 7 of 15 collected

Tanaan Jungle : Completed

Family Familiar : Completed

Family Fighter : Antorian Wastes done. 100+ more battles to go.

Wailing Caverns : Started.

Deadmines : Started. (2 caps)

No PvP started .... Yet. Not sure I EVER will.


~ Recent Collection Additions ~



Infernal Pyreclaw

Void Shardling

Arcane Gorger


~ WoW Progress Statistics ~

Current Pet Score : 52910.05

realm:  13 (horde: 4)  (hunter: 3)

{I won't count characters unguilded OR duplicate scores}


PRE 2016

My highest rating ever:

world: 1200 (hunter: 168)

US:  455 (hunter: 59)

realm: 3 (hunter: 2) (horde 2)

Pet Score: 26138.29


~ My Toy Collection ~ 

WoWhead Profile : Collected (389), Missing (61), Excluded (22)


~ My Mount Collection ~

Adwae's Mount Collection

Total Unique Mounts : 380

{across classes and races)

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