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Username: Forgetmenott  
Character: Forgetmenott (H)
Realm & Rank: Zul'jin-US (#255)
Pets Collected: 318/939
Pets Rated: 0/962 — Appearance
0/942 — Battle
Joined: March 17, 2009
Last Online: April 05, 2014
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Forgetmenott Says: 

Just got back after a year long break. Time to start collecting all the things again :3


Have not been paying attention to my pets much. Ive been focusing a lot on my mount collection. Think ill start leveling some pets now though :)



Posted Dec 20, 2013 at 1:28am

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Zul'jin-US  #255
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About Forgetmenott:

I have been playing WoW for over 6 years now. Been raiding on my rogue for most of that time, excluding most BC raids and Cata ones. Highest rank I ever got was duelist(fml)Lets not get into that story. I collect mounts as well as pets currently owning 161. Some of rares I got include Magical Rooster,ZG tiger(Got it two weeks before removed),Raven lord, Mimiron's head, and blazing hippogryph. I got my spectral tiger mount now! :D Two actually the normal and epic version. I wish I could find rare pets on the AH as easily as I can find mounts :( I've been collecting mainly mounts lately and am hoping to maybe get a a blue rocket next. Also still really wishing I could get my hands on a spectral cub and Ethernal trader. Ive been after the Ethernal trader since forever now...

Favorite pets are Dragon Kite and
Mini Tyrael

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