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Username: Aura_sora115 Top Rater  
Character: Akamiya (A)
Realm & Rank: Feathermoon-US (#40)
Pets Collected: 772/929
Pets Rated: 169/962 — Appearance
38/942 — Battle
Joined: December 20, 2007
Last Online: November 10, 2017
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Aura_sora115 Says: 

"Reached my goal of 700 pets, now to run the Throne of Thunder Raid and Tanaan Jungle for the tough to find critters!" ^_^

Posted Dec 27, 2015 at 4:34pm

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About Aura_sora115:

Hi Everyone!


Real Life Achievements - I was greatly honored by Blizzard with them posting my Valentines Day story of how I met my husband in the wonderful "World of Warcraft" MMORPG. Unfortunately they no longer do the stories section so it was taken down when the new site revamped. I'd post my story here but I'm afraid I'd run out of characters ^_~


I am married to 'Mcallen the Beer Swilling Paladin' in real life! We were married on August 25th 2010 commerating the day we met in real life after our three month of adventures in the game! ^_^


Bio - I love to read and write! I love pets in real life as much as I do in WOW itself. I used to foster pets for the Humane Society as well as care for my own fuzzy dysfunctional family of four cats; Saraiya, Solace, Jazzpurr, Bowie and my aussie pup Memphis Rain.


I love cute things, hence why I've grown quite a collection. I recently have grown accustomed to fishing due to the mount Sea Turtle I desperately want and attaining the many vanity pets through fishing like the Pandaria carps.


Favorite WOW pets - I'd have to say my favorite pets are the Hippogryph Hatchling (I named mine Skittles he was a b-day gift from Mcallen), my Sprite Darter Hatchling (Mc and I's first vanity pet we got together during the old long quest chain), and eventually the Royal Peacock.


Advice - Many people say you can buy vanity pets from the AH for a small price, if you have a deep pocket book go right ahead. But I found buying every single vanity pet from the vendors first really helped in filling out my collection. Then I could use my hard earned gold to purchase the hard to get pets. Also if you need pets by reputation its a great way to make a nice buck grinding rep for certain factions. If it helps you might get a few mounts as well.


Have fun !!! ^_~ See ya on Feathermoon!

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