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Username: Zeal  
Character: Garlthala (H)
Realm & Rank: Nordrassil-EU (#58)
Pets Collected: 201/922
Pets Rated: 0/962 — Appearance
0/942 — Battle
Joined: May 16, 2009
Last Online: April 28, 2014
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Zeal Says: 

My will to play WoW has been further sapped after dicovering that my ex is a compulsive liar, with everything for that past year being a lie, and having my life turned upside down.

I briefly tried to return for a week to get the Frigid Frostling, but no luck on the five attempts I made... thanks a lot Blizzard.

I made peace with several people from my old guild too, as the stress i was going through in my relationship contributed to the fall out.

I don't have time or money for WoW anymore; I've had to get my priorities straight and focus on myself and my situation. Maybe i'll come back to play WoW again in the future, as Warcraft remains a big interest of mine despite having no desire or ability to play WoW anymore
Posted Jul 16, 2011 at 9:32am

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About Zeal:

I tend to spread myself across various popular sites, communities, projects and goals at different times, so you may already know me from WoWWiki/Wowpedia/Wowhead/MMO-Champion/Curse/WowStead and various other non-wow things.

My collection amassed over time just from obtaining vendor pets and completing as many quests as i can while bored. Soon enough, i realised my collection was looking rather impressive, so i pretty much became a collector without realising it.

I'm not a devout collector though, so i don't actually buy pets for real money just to have them; the only time i buy pets is if i really like them.
I also do not play the TCG -- because it sucks and i've been bitten by TCGs as cash cows before.

Therefore you'll never see me with a TCG/store/event pet unless i've been given it free with something, won it, or really badly wanted it cos it's so cool/cute.

I have a very similar attitude towards mount collecting, and also collect tier sets and leatherworking recipes, where i am more devout but thrifty.

As i'm very much a lore lover as well, i hold on to a lot of important lore items such as weapons, armor, trinkets, vendor items etc.

Favorite Pets:
[Netherwhelp] -- I love the styling of the Netherwing so much!
[Wind Rider Cub] -- In-game version of my plushie Rory. :)
[Tiny Shale Spider] -- Cool and cute (If only it was purple...).
[Wolpertinger] -- Evil looking but cute in doing so.
[Grunty] -- A rifle and rocket launcher, what more could you want?

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