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Username: Zaea Top Rater  
Character: Zae (A)
Realm & Rank: Elune-US (#75)
Connected Rank: Elune-US (#125)
Pets Collected: 251/1210
Pets Rated: 8/1236 — Appearance
7/1213 — Battle
Joined: July 22, 2008
Last Online: March 06, 2014
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Zaea Says: 

Just got some mega blok's world of warcraft sets today.  They have these creature packs which are just 3 battle pets and a hearthstone.  You get one surprise pet in the pack; and I was lucky enough to get the phoenix hatchling in the same creature pack that had the dark phoenix in it :) Sadly I only got 2 zombie pets in the 2nd and 3rd packs.  But they are still kind of cool little creature packs and I like having my own version of the combat pets :)

Posted Jan 22, 2014 at 7:54pm

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About Zaea:

Hi there, my character is a female Night Elf Priest that can be found on the US-Elune realm. My pet collection is found on one character, so i'm VERY happy that they implemented the pet/mount spell system so they are no longer taking up all of my bank and bags :)

I really started to collect the pets when I found out that Stinker was going to be a pet reward. I once took care of 4 baby skunks while I was in high school, and that made me LOVE LOVE LOVE skunks, so being able to FINALLY have an ingame skunk pet sealed the deal :) I had always liked the pets in WoW I just didn't want to "waste" (!!) bag space on them :)

I looove the TCG mounts and pets and I always try to get the newest ones when they get released. I have all of the current TCG mounts except for the spectral tiger, and still need the soultrader to round out all TCG pets.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the mounts in the game. My favorites right now are the Headless Horseman's Horse, the wintersaber frostsaber, and I hope to one day get Ashes of Al'ar.
I actually have a few of the mounts that are listed on my wishlist because the "owned" button has not been updated on warcraftmounts in awhile. My favorite TCG mount right now is the Blazing Hippogryph. Love the unarmored hippos!

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