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Username: Wench  
Character: Tsiryn (H)
Realm & Rank: Wyrmrest Accord-US (#198)
Pets Collected: 647/921
Pets Rated: 0/962 — Appearance
0/942 — Battle
Joined: January 12, 2008
Last Online: March 31, 2017
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Wench Says: 

500 pets and still counting!  Finally getting caught up on some of the old non pet-battle pets before working on the new ones :)

Posted Jan 16, 2015 at 6:50am

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About Wench:

I'm Wenchymoo in the WarcraftPets guild!


Unless it is vendor only, I have farmed every single one of the pets myself, on one character. The few exeptions are - Tiny Reindeer and Green Winter Helper, gotten for me by my boyfriend and my roommate, after no boxes on all my toons contained them, and the Green Wing Macaw - my boyfriend gave this to me. I've also recieved a few Arget Tournament pets as gifts as well, from my boyfriend and our guild leader!



I am incredibly *proud* of my pet collection. When people brag about how much or how little gold they spent on a pet, I can say 'Well it took me this many levels (days/weeks/months) to farm, I didn't buy it'.


I can look at my Firefly and know that I did 2 levels in my 60's ONLY killing fireflies (no quests) before it dropped, or that I leveled several times in my 40's AND farmed for days after I was 70 (pre-Wrath) before the Hyacinth dropped. And the Emerald Whelpling? I can't even tell you how many weeks I spent doing nothing but killing those whelps before that dropped.


I've worked my backside off for these pets, not just handed over a few hundred/thousand gold for them, and to me that's a matter of pride ^_^

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