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Username: Undeadgoat  
Character: Syrjiki (H)
Realm & Rank: Kul Tiras-US (#22)
Connected Rank: Kul Tiras-US (#42)
Pets Collected: 432/1352
Pets Rated: 1/1416 — Appearance
0/1393 — Battle
Joined: November 03, 2011
Last Online: December 11, 2014
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Undeadgoat Says: 

I've recently completed every PvE pet battle achievement (except Raiding with Leashes and winning 5000 battles) so I've been getting more into pet PvP & doing some of the more grindy pet-collecting--working my way up the Brawler's Guild for Clock'em, fishing & archaeology, etc. Also working on some of the non-pet achievements those aspects of the game have to offer!


Since I'm more battle-focused, I'm going to start saving my stones in certain families--for example, right now the only non-rare Aquatic pets I have are frogs & toads with the 5.0 moveset, which I already have 3 of rare & max in various breeds. I wish battle-stones cost ONE Celestial Coin, three is excessive, Blizzard.

Posted Mar 5, 2014 at 8:58am

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About Undeadgoat:

Hi guys! I've only been playing WoW for a few years and have always been into the collection aspect of pets. My favorite part of the battle pet system is the "puzzle game" aspect of the PvE content, so the release of the Celestial Tournament really brought me back into WoW to stay.


I've been shaking up how I WoW lately in general--I'm in a bigger guild on a new server, I'm getting more involved in Twitter, and I'm even starting to blog! You can see my antics over @undeadgoat and, and I plan to share links to my pet posts here too!

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