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Username: Starrefyre  
Character: Starrefyre (A)
Realm & Rank: Llane-US (#14)
Connected Rank: Llane-US (#25)
Pets Collected: 1077/1235
Pets Rated: 1/1246 — Appearance
1/1223 — Battle
Joined: December 04, 2008
Last Online: November 20, 2019
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Forum Posts (4)
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Starrefyre Says: 

Latest Aquisitions:

Pet Reaper 0.9

Zephyr's Call


 Most Wanted:

Diablo Stone (1st CE)

Zergling Leash (1st CE)

Panda Collar (1st CE)

Netherwhelp's Collar (2nd CE)

Murkalot (BlizzCon 2013)

Deathy (BlizzCon 2010)

Grunty (BlizzCon 2009)

Mini Tyrael & Big Blizzard Bear (BlizzCon 2008)

Murloc Costume (BlizzCon 2007)

Murky (BlizzCon 2005)

Posted Nov 30, 2017 at 10:54am

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Llane-US  #14
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About Starrefyre:

♥ Hiya's I'm Starre. I started playing WoW about six months after release. I joined in on the raiding experience during Burning Crusade. My favorite expansion is Mist of Pandaria - although I think Legion has been pretty dang good. I often blog about my WoW adventures at - come visit me. On a personal note, I'm a diehard fan of the horror genre so I love those type of movies and books. I also love music, board/pc games, cooking, crafting, and spending time with my family. 

I'm the alliance co-gm for the guild Equinox on the US server Llane. We offer a friendly relaxed community to enjoy your questing, levelling, or raiding. We're a no pressure guild who enjoys old and new content. Many of use are altoholics and collectors. Being made up of mostly parents and grandparents we like things family friendly. Our one main rule is to keep language in both gchat and Discord PG. If your looking for a guild such as ours, we're looking for you. Check out our FAQs:

♥ My PET goals include making it into the "top ten" pet collectors on my server as well as collecting every pet possible.

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